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The Harbinger of Ragnarok is a Primary weapon introduced in the 21.0.0 update.


The Harbinger of Ragnarok is a primary weapon introduced in the 21.0.0 update. It has amazing damage for an automatic weapon, average capacity, and low mobility. It also features a 4X Scope and has burning and critical damage.


It appears to be a rifle with a dog part at the back and a front part containing 3 sets of teeth and a small ball of energy at the front. There is an optic sight near the back of the barrel, and the butt of the rifle is red, and located at the rear of the gun.


This weapon is extremely powerful and absolutely tears down opponents, and is regarded as at least on par with, possibly better than the Treasurer, although the Treasurer does have better attributes. It can be used in all ranges, and has a pretty fast fire rate. It does, however, drain ammunition quite fast, and has quite low mobility, so be wary of those two factors. Nevertheless, they don't massively affect its performance as maybe the strongest automatic in Pixel Gun 3D.



  • This weapon can be used in all ranges and always performs exceptionally.
  • Use your ammunition very carefully, as this gun eats it, use the Turbo Charger module combination in order to not waste ammunition.
  • It has quite a fast reload, so reload frequently to replenish your bullet supply.
  • Remember to use the scope for longer ranges.
  • Keep in mind the burning and critical damage, this gun may take even less shots sometimes.
  • Spam this gun the entire match to get easy points.


  • Never stay out in the open, you will be killed in a blink of an eye.
  • If you must go in the open, rush them with a high mobility melee such as the Double Cashback or a high damaging shotgun like the Ultimatum.
  • Use a weapon made for extremely long ranges such as the Mammoth (Weapon) (which also has high damage) to kill them before they have a chance to react, but be wary as if they spot you they can immediately kill you even in long range.
  • Be wary when a Harbinger of Ragnarok user is sighted, because they can present a major problem. Try ambushing them with powerful weapons with high Damage per Shot/Damage per Second.
  • Use OP Gadgets such as the Cyber Bees Swarm or the Ninja Shurikens, or the Denied! if you want to use a different type of OP Gadget.
  • Use the Harbinger of Ragnarok yourself, it is a great counter for most playstyles.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Bring a powerful back up for when you run out of ammo, a sniper with an 8X or 10X Scope for extra long ranges, and a high mobility melee for quick movement.



  • Initial Release.


  • This weapon returned again in the traders van.


  • It resembles the monstrous wolf Fenrir, who was one of the the main antagonists of Ragnarok, a terrible event that would cause the destruction of the gods of Asgard, and Fenrir was also Loki's son.
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