The Headhunter Pistols are a Backup weapon introduced in the 17.7.0 update. It is part of the Advanced Arsenal Set.


They are a Futuristic/Special Forces themed pistols and a reskinned version of the Dual Anger. It is obtained from the Advanced Arsenal set. The name comes from the Brutal Headhunter Sniper weapon.


It is a reskin of the Dual Anger. It has grey barrels, camo handles, and some details that are yellow and red. The overall color of this weapon is purple.


It has a higher firing rate (4 bullets per second as opposed to 2 bullets per second) and capacity (20 versus 18) than the Dual Anger. Despite its irrelevance, it is comparable to the Brave Patriot in terms of statistics.



  • Use it like a Brave Patriot with lower capacity, slightly lower firing rate (94 versus 95), and higher damage.
  • Use the Jetpack to aid in hitting people. It will be easier to hit people from the air with this weapon.


Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Bring a long-ranged weapon such as the ”Sunrise


  • Initial release.
  • It got removed shortly after it's introduction for unknown reasons.
    • Although players who bought it from the original offers still have them.


  • It, like the Dual Anger, is based off the Heckler & Koch USP.
  • It is the first weapon to be a reskin of the Dual Anger.
  • It is the only weapon of the Advanced Arsenal set to not be displayed in the craft section.
    • It also isn't in its gallery set or the gallery at all
      • Although there was a glitch when PG3D updated the gallery that the Advanced Arsenal Set had five weapons instead of four but it got patched fast.
  • The weapon was said to be removed shortly after is was added for an unknown reason
    • However, for those who brought the weapons when the original offers came out will still keep the weapon.
  • This weapon along with the Advanced Arsenal Set came out in the Trader's Van for 405Gem.png each weapon on August 15, 2020. But despite being available, the weapons cannot be exchanged with coupons.
    • They were also brought back and viewable in the Gallery/Craft section during the van, except for this weapon.
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