The Headless Zombie is a relatively common enemy.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 5Heart new 3Heart new Mediocre
Medium 7Heart new 3Heart new Mediocre
Hard 8Heart new 3-4Heart new Mediocre


It has green skin and a missing head (as the name suggests). It wears a ripped white shirt with a hole in the side showing blood and skin and has ripped blue jeans, similar to the Zombie.


It will walk around and attack the player, much like the Zombie. They will aimlessly follow the player, very often bumping into obstacles. It moves much faster than a Zombie, probably because it's head was weighing it down. When it attacks, it hits the player with both arms, dealing 3 Heart new.

Appears In


  • The Zombie Head might be its head.
  • It looks exactly the same as the Zombie but without a head.
  • Despite its very low health, this zombie can be very resistant enemies for weaker players. This is due to the fact that it cannot be headshotted (it has no head)
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