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The Heavy Spik'o'Saur is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 21.3.0 update and obtainable in the Dinosaur Lottery.


The Heavy Spik'o'Saur is a Heavy weapon of the Mythical grade introduced in the 21.3.0 Dinosaur Lottery. It is capable of dealing massive amounts of damage, paired with a decent firerate and an average capacity and mobility.


The Heavy Spik'o'Saur takes the appears of a large dinosaur fossil white in color, similar to the design of the Ritual Rifle with a neon green crystal embedded in it's mouth. It has several red and brown engravings and details along the fossil giving it a prehistoric-like aesthetic. Moreover, brown leather padding appears over most of the Spik'o'Sar with various spikes attacked to it's back.


When the fire button is pressed the mouth will open and shoot the crystal out of its mouth. The crystal has looping shot and travel time.

This weapon has Fixed Delay, meaning that every time a player switches to this weapon there is short pull-out animation lasting around half as second before a player can fire.




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  • Initial release.


  • This is very similar to the Cryolator as both have the exact same attributes.
  • The dinosaur head and plates are based on Stegosaurus, a herbivorous dinosaur from the Jurassic period.
    • The Crystal's name in game is Gravalite, or Gravalith.


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