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For the pet, see Hedgehog (Pet).
Shoots small explosive mines. The rounds can hang on walls or ceiling like the traps for your enemies.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Hedgehog is a Special weapon introduced in the 12.6.0 update.


It is a brown pistol that shoots static spike balls. It has very good damage, a decent fire rate, a small capacity, and average mobility. It is 2 shots with bleeding.


The weapon has the main colors of red, orange, and grey, and dark grey. It has 3 spikes protruding on the top and 1 on the bottom of the opening. It has a scope above a small, black skull symbol with red eyes. When holding it in the armory, the middle grey section wiggles.


This weapon shoots a spike ball with slow bullet travel time. Although it can kill players, it performs best when the spike balls are used as a trap by aiming at the ground, usually in a hallway. These spike balls have area damage and can deal some area damage on the contact with a player. Moreover, this weapon has a bleeding attribute, which makes opponents lose extra health for a few seconds and has the sticky mines attribute, which means once the balls hit the ground, they stay on that spot, making them static.

When reloading, the player takes out the magazine from the back and replaces it with another.



  • Place the mines on hidden spots in intersections where players pass through a lot.
  • It is a good counter against melee players. The same goes for area damage melee spammers (e.g. Storm Hammer, Electrosphere, Chipping Whip)
  • Hit an opponent and finish them off with a powerful primary.
  • Only use it for traps making as it performs poorly on direct combats.
  • Use this in close range maps, as it can trap others easily.
  • Trap people by putting the mines down in front of an entrance where you entered.


  • When fighting against an opponent with a close-range weapon, use this.
  • Pick off its users from long ranges.
  • Be wary of small areas where the bombs might be rigged.
  • Avoid narrow hallways since that area will be vulnerable to its projectiles.

Recommended Maps

Close ranged maps such as Area 52.

Equipment Setups

Equip a long-ranged weapon and an escape route in case if someone caught you off guard when reloading.


12.6.0 Initial release


It was removed from the Armory.


It was put back in the armory.


  • The sticky mines on this weapon do not work, and do not detonate upon contact with an enemy player.
  • For unknown reasons, its grade was changed to Mythical in the same update.
    • This weapon is known as the fifth or sixth weapon to have a grade of Mythical and the only Mythical available in the Armory.
    • People who had this weapon at Mythical still have it.
      • However, this weapon's grade was changed again to Legendary.
  • It's very similar to the Demoman due to they both shoot a sticky projectile and explode when the enemy contacted to it. However, the Hedgehog has a Bleeding attribute.
  • The mine the Hedgehog shoots

    If you look closely at the sticky mines from this weapon, you can see it has spikes on it.

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