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This is removed content. It is no longer available in Pixel Gun 3D.
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The Helmet is a piece of equipment that was added in the 8.1.0 update and has various upgrades. This feature was taken out and replaced with headgear that provides different benefits depending on which one you buy. Each also has various upgrades adding new benefits.

Pre-10.3.0 avatar with maxed out armor and helmet.

Upgrade path

Note: On discount, armor equipment is on 60% discount while everything else in the Armory is on 30% discount.

Wooden Helmet

  1. 70Coin.png 1 shield (30Coin.pngon sale).
  2. Up1: 100Coin.png 2 shields (40Coin.pngon sale).
  3. Up2: 100Coin.png 3 shields (40Coin.pngon sale).

Iron Helmet

  1. 100 Coin.png 4 shields (40Coin.pngon sale).
  2. Up1: 100Coin.png 5 shields (40Coin.pngon sale).
  3. Up2: 100Coin.png 8 shields (40Coin.pngon sale).

Gold Helmet

  1. 135Coin.png 9 shields (55Coin.pngon sale).
  2. Up1: 135Coin.png 10 shields (55Coin.pngon sale). 
  3. Up2: 135Coin.png 15 shields(55Coin.pngon sale). 

Crystal Helmet

  1. 135Coin.png 16 shields (55Coin.pngon sale).
  2. Up1: 135Coin.png 17 shields (55Coin.pngon sale).
  3. Up2: 135Coin.png 18 shields (55Coin.pngon sale).

Ruby Helmet

  1. 135Coin.png 19 shields (55Coin.pngon sale).
  2. Up1: 135Coin.png 20 shields (55Coin.pngon sale).
  3. Up2: 135Coin.png 22 shields (55Coin.pngon sale).

Adamant Helmet

  1. 170Coin.png 24 shields (70Coin.pngon sale).
  2. Up1: 170Coin.png 26 shields (70Coin.pngon sale).
  3. Up2: 170Coin.png 28 shields (70Coin.pngon sale).
  • In total, you needed 2295Coin.png in order to fully upgrade the helmet (935Coin.png if you fully upgraded the helmet of 60% discount).


  • Armor and helmet armor points work separately in multiplayer. Armor will only defend against body shots and helmet will only defend against head shots. Armor points added by pickups will be added to the general pool, and monster damage will also hit the general armor point pool.
  • Originally there were 3 different helmets; the Iron Miner Helmet, the Golden Miner Helmet and the Crystal Miner Helmet.
  • There was a glitch for some people when they can't upgrade it.
  • After the removal of the helmets, the only current helmet that exists is the Light Golden Helmet.
    • It can only be found in the Crossed Worlds: Level 2 "Castle". It is worn by the Armoured Devil Stalkers only. Also the only monster that wears a helmet from Armory.
  • As of the 10.3.0 update, the helmet was removed and was replaced with a rank-based health boost.
    • It also refunds the full cost of the users' helmet after its removal.
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Note that the weapons listed above were completely removed from the game from every player, not just removed from the Armory or after the end of a Battle Pass season.





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