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The hero of war (and your arsenal). Machinegunners with this weapon, after getting a proper position, may defend themselves from any enemy: zombies, cyborgs, or even the aliens from deep space.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Hero is a Primary weapon introduced in the 13.2.1 update.


It is a military-themed light machine gun that shoots bullets automatically. It has good damage, a slow fire rate for an automatic weapon, a large capacity, and low mobility.


It is a light machine gun, with some grey accents, an olive muzzle brake, and has a large box magazine that feeds ammo. One part of the box is broken. It is a reskin of the Serious Argument, as it shares the almost exact same look, the only difference being the lack of a patriot-themed paint.


This weapon automatically shoots bullets with instant bullet travel time at a low fire rate. It performs best in close to medium range due to a lack of an optic sight attachment. Moreover, the weapon's accuracy decreases when spraying and praying.

When reloading, the player takes out the large magazine of bullets from the bottom and replaces it with another one. It has no delay mechanics.


It has a slow rate of fire, but in return has a great capacity, making this gun very ammo-efficient. It has high damage and very good accuracy due to the aforementioned low fire rate.


  • Run around your opponent shooting at them, as the great mobility and decent capacity will let you keep this up for a fairly long time.
  • Aim for the head to maximize the damage dealt.
  • This weapon is good for siege attackers, so keep moving on top of the ram while shooting at the opponents.
  • Keep your shots count so as to conserve ammo while firing.
  • This weapon does not have a very high Damage Per Second, so it's best to use this as a weapon for finishing weakened opponents.


  • Use an area damage weapon such as the Ghost Lantern or Soulstone to quickly kill them, though the user may switch to a high mobility weapon to flee.
  • Attack the user in close range, since this gun suffers greatly due to the low rate of fire.
  • Use a flamethrower or shotgun with at least decent mobility to constantly damage them.
  • Use an area damage weapon to mess up their aim.
  • Use a weapon with a higher DPS than the Hero to overwhelm the user before they can react.
  • Pick off these users at a long range with a high damaging sniper, as this weapon isn't very accurate at long ranges, despite having a scope.

Recommended Maps

Medium to long-ranged maps such as Sky Islands and Christmas Town.

Equipment Setups

Equip a good melee weapon with 85+mobility to travel around the map and to run if being attacked. A strong sniper rifle is also recommended to counter users at long ranges.


  • Initial release. It had the lowest weight of any Primary weapons in the game, that is 1. However, it was changed a few days after it's release, now being 11.
  • This weapon's capacity was nerfed to 75.
  • The Hero's capacity has been increased to 120 when fully upgraded.
  • This weapon’s rate of fire was increased, but the ammo capacity was reduced to 80.


  • This gun was removed from the Armory.




  • It is an exact reskin of the Serious Argument.
  • This seems to be based on the real-life M249 Light Machine Gun with a bottom-mounted box clip and a belt-feeding magazine.
  • It takes four headshots to kill a dummy in the Polygon, if paired with the VI elemental module.
  • One of the pixels on a side of the weapon is missing, making it seem like a part of the weapon is floating unattached.
  • This weapon is very effective in Battle Royale.
  • Even though the gun has the ammo belt on the left side of the receiver, the kill icon shows the ammo belt on the right side.
  • When upgraded to Mythical, it shares the same damage of the Storm.

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