The Hologram Projector is a throwing gadget introduced in the 17.5.0 update.


It is a small yellow hologram projector with four foldable arms, red designs, a turquoise center, and a projector lens in the middle.


When used an outline of the projector appears in front of the player and their weapon is unequipped. When the player presses the "deploy" button, the projector is instantly built and will instantly project a hologram of the user.

The hologram will take the form of the user with the weapon they last held. The hologram will play some idle animations such as those found in the armory.

When attacked, it will explode and deal damage to any nearby attackers.



  • This gadget is useful against AI-controlled enemies since it will distract enemies away from the user regardless.
  • Try to deploy the projector behind an object to hide the projector itself from other players, making the opponents more easily fooled.
  • This is useful against snipers (especially those which shoot lasers) since their shots can be tracked down if they target the hologram.
  • This can be used to lure enemies in your ambush. Wait at the corner with a powerful shotgun such as the Ultimatum to 1 shot them the instant they see you.
  • If an enemy is chasing you, deploy this to confuse them
  • Try to use this In duels (PG3D) to confuse them.


  • The projector can easily be destroyed in one shot/hit with a high-damaging weapon.
  • To tell if a user is a hologram, simply look down at their feet, if you see this gadget, they are most likely a hologram.
    • Another easy way to determine if the target is a hologram or not at a distance is to wait until there is a noticeable flicker in the image.
    • You could also wait to see if it moves or shoots
  • Try not to get too close to the hologram since the user might be waiting to ambush from behind.
  • Try bombing the area around the hologram to hopefully kill the ambushing enemy.
  • Use weapons with X-RayVision.png when you see a player from afar as it won't detect holograms, therefore you can tell whether the player is real or not.



Cooldown Time
Initial Tier 30 Seconds 11 Seconds
Tier 1 29 Seconds 12 Seconds
Tier 2 28 Seconds 13 Seconds
Tier 3 27 Seconds 15 Seconds
Tier 4 26 Seconds 16 Seconds
Tier 5 25 Seconds 17 Seconds
Tier 6 24 Seconds 19 Seconds
Tier 7 23 Seconds 21 Seconds
Tier 8 22 Seconds 23 Seconds
Tier 9 21 Seconds 25 Seconds
Tier 10 20 Seconds 26 Seconds
Tier 11 19 Seconds 27 Seconds
Final Tier 18 Seconds 29 Seconds



  • Initial release.


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