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Let your enemies drown in the tsunami of explosions and shrapnel. It has reached its popularity during the uprising of the Santa AI.

—Weapon description in the Gallery

The Hurricane is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 13.0.0 update.


It is a silver rocket launcher that shoots 4 rockets. It has high efficiency, a good rate of fire, a small-regular capacity, and low mobility.


It appears to be a reskinned version of both Armageddon and Missile Thrower.

It has 4 grey tubes with 3 tan lines, a grey handle with brown stripes, an orange trigger, a 4x scope, and its entire body is grey. On the body, there is a small caution symbol with an exclamation mark on it, similar to the one on the Nail Minigun.


The player shoots 4 rockets with area damage at a high fire rate and reloads after every 4 shots. These rockets also have a bullet travel time, so the rockets don't instantly hit the player. However, when they do hit the player, they leave a medium-sized explosion. Moreover, it possesses a 4x scope that allows the user to aim at an opponent more accurately.

When reloading, the player puts 4 spare rockets on the weapon's front nozzles. It has no delay mechanics.



  • Use this the same way you use the Armageddon. This does the same thing as it.
  • Since this weapon has area damage, aim at an opponent's feet.
    • Cluster them with Singular Grenade first and then rain down your shots.
    • On the contrary, note that it can sometimes be a one-shot, but only with a direct hit.
  • Stay at close or medium range, as this weapon does have travel time.
    • Use the Jet Fuel module to help increase rocket speed.
  • Conserve ammo, as this weapon does not have too much ammo.
  • If the opponent rocket jumps a lot, time the shot and waits for the opponent to land.
  • This weapon can rocket jump, but it is not recommended since it only has 4 shots.
  • In the realistic brawls this weapon is incredibly good and can be 1-2 shots to kill max level.


  • Use a long-ranged weapon as it is easily avoidable at long range.
  • Use weapons that slow down its user.
  • Treat this the same way as a user with the Armageddon, but with increased Efficiency.
  • Strafe around them and keep jumping, making it harder for them to hit you with the rockets.
  • Rocket jump if possible so it'll be harder for the user to get you.
  • It has a slow reloading time so use high fire rate and high damaging rifles like Crystal Laser Cannon/Neutron Pulsator or Adamant Laser Cannon while they are doing the job.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Equip a long-ranged weapon and a mobile weapon.
  • A primary weapon to finish off the weakened target.



Initial release.


It was the overpowered counterpart of Armageddon as this was 1 rocket kill vs 4 rockets kill. Its capacity got nerfed from 6 to 4.


This and the Armageddon are 3 rockets kill as for balancing gameplay.


This and the Armageddon are 2 rockets kill.


It is no longer obtainable from the Clans System.


Like all the other clan weapons it's now obtainable at the Black Market for 250 parts.


  • It is based on the real world M202 FLASH, an American rocket launcher.
    • Unlike its real-life and in-game counterparts, this weapon could hold 6 rockets when it should only be 4. This was fixed in 13.5.0.
    • Since it is based on real-life weapons, this is also able to be used in the realistic brawl.
    • However, unlike the real life version, the player doesn't unload and reload the pack of rockets in the rear side of the weapon.
  • It is the second weapon that has been the 3rd reskin of its predecessors, the Missile Thrower (PG3D) and the Armageddon (PG3D), the other being the Dino Slayer.

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