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The Ice Club is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 17.1.0 update. It is obtainable by completing all 6 Fairytale Challenges from the Fairytale Season Battle Pass. As of the 19.1.0 update, it can be obtained for Gems Gem.png only for a limited time in the Trader's Van.


It is a blue and frozen club that summons a path of icicles. It encompasses an accustomed fire rate, a fair capacity, a commending mobility of 85, and high damage. This weapon is often 2-3 shot kill.


It takes the appearance of a club composed of ice in which the user holds and swings, featuring several ice spikes mounted around the body.


When used, it will summon a path of icicles in a series of consecutive explosions ConsecutiveExplosions.png that will damage and slow down enemies SlowsDownTarget.png that make contact with the spikes. The spikes will melt after a few seconds of being summoned. Moreover, it has no need to reload since it features a capacity of 1.

The player starts with a total of 12 shots and 12 more ammunition is instantly added to the weapon whenever he/she picks up ammo.

This weapon has Fixed Delay, meaning that every time a player switches to this weapon, a short pull-out animation will play lasting around half a second before the user can fire.



  • Use this to mow down heavily armored players due to its high damage.
  • Due to its Area Damage attribute, it is effective for keeping Melee users away from you.
  • Use a sniper like the Project 'Marlin' to pick off users in long range.
  • The ice spikes are useful for crowd control and area denial.
  • When an enemy is trapped in the spikes, finish them off quickly.
  • Spam this down hallways to give enemies a hard time getting through.
  • Jumping while using the club will summon ice spikes in the air, making it even harder for enemies to avoid the spikes.
  • This weapon is good in Block Crash.
  • This weapon is very effective in close quarters maps such as Pool Party or Silent School.
  • Also, use this to counter sly wolf users as it ignores the shield attribute.
  • This can also go through walls so use that if you see an enemy run to cover if you know where they are spam it through the wall as it doesn't take damage reduction through walls.
  • This weapon ignores the Energy Shield module combo.
  • It is capable of hitting people above you, including people jumping or using jetpacks, as well as people on roofs, as it ignores ceilings.
  • This weapon is capable of hitting players using the Sly Wolf or Spirit Mask.


  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.
  • Area damage weapons and shotgun weapons decimate users at close range.
  • Do not try to attack its users in a linear position, since the consecutive explosions will finish you off even in a medium distance.
  • Using the Jetpack can render this weapon useless due to its limited range.
  • Try running and jumping while attacking to avoid getting hit by the user's attacks, especially from the area damage attacks.
  • If attacked from behind, escape from the user while firing back at them.
  • Keep jumping to minimize the damage taken when the user attacks.
  • Flank around the user and attack from their sides, so he will have a hard time trying to retaliate you.
  • Use the Reflector (Gadget) to make sure that the user will kill himself in an attempt to damage you with this weapon.
  • When playing in Block Crash, use rocket-jumping weapons as the Ice Club cannot rocket jump.
  • If you encounter a user charging you with this weapon, shoot and run away. This weapon does not have unlimited range, the ice spikes only go a certain distance.


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Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • This weapon is effective at close range, thus weapons such as the Reflector or the Ultimatum work well.
  • Insert Modules such as Shrapnel to increase its damage radius.



  • Initial release.


  • Its damage was reduced to 2-3 shots kill.


  • The glitch with the "Slow the Target" attribute is fixed.


  • 12/4/20 It returned for the first time in a Trader's Van offer costing Gem.png.



  • It is tied with the Eye of Ra, Dragon King, Sly Avenger, Offensive Fireworks and Rocket Launcher for the highest mobility of all Heavy weapons in the game.
  • It is the second weapon to feature the Consecutive Explosions attribute, the first being the Knight's Axe, the third being the Cthulhu Legacy, and the fourth being the Ban Hammer.
    • It was the only non-melee weapon to have this attribute until the release of PGA-06 TV.
  • This weapon shares the same swinging animation as the Storm Hammer.
  • It is one of the melee-looking weapons that does not belong to the "Melee" section.
  • Despite this weapon looking extremely heavy when holding this, it has a high mobility of 85.
  • Its killing animation was changed at an unknown date.
  • This weapon is similar to the PGA-06 TV and Battle Falcon because they are both heavies and both have consecutive explosions. They function in similar ways. Also the damage of each weapon is similar.
  • This weapon has gained infamy in the community, due to its high damage, long consecutive explosion range, slows down the target and a secret wall break ability, even after it got nerfed, it is still considered overpowered.
  • It's one of the few weapons not to have the traditional black outline of most PG3D weapons.
  • In Block Crash, If you fire this weapon and don't move, it may destroy the cube under you, killing you. However this can also happen with the Battle Falcon.
  • This weapon looks more of a melee than a heavy weapon.

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