The Ice Mage is a ranged enemy found in Winter Island.


Difficulty Heath Damage Speed
Easy 10Heart new 8Heart new Slow
Medium 16Heart new 12Heart new Slow
Hard 22Heart new 14-15Heart new Slow


The Ice Mage wears black colored robes covering his whole figure except for his face. The black rode is also outlined with a gradient cyan blue color. The Ice Mage also wields a staff that shoots cyan colored bolts. His face is all black except for his eyes which are white.


Much like any other ranged enemies in the game, it will approach the player and stop at a given distance. It will start to shoot slow-moving projectiles at the player using it’s wand/staff while standing still.


  • Always shoot them from far away.
    • If you can’t, get ready to strafe like crazy.
  • Area damage weapons can do a trick, too.
  • You can avoid its shots if you use a high-mobility weapons.
  • Don't let them bunch up in 3 or more else you'll have a difficult time.
  • Dodge their projectiles by Rocket Jumping.

Appears In


  • Like many other ranged monsters, it was introduced to Campaign in the 10.0.0 update.
  • The staffs that they use are not in the game’s Armory, meaning only ranged monsters can use it.
  • It is somewhat similar to the Mummy Mage, Warlock, and the Skeleton Mage in terms of appearance, sound, and behavior.
  • These enemies have a skin the players can use. in the Armory (PG3D)
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