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The Incinerator is a Special weapon introduced in update 21.2.0.


The Incinerator is a flamethrower of the Special Category and introduced in the 21.2.0 Update. It is a weapon of the Mythical Grade and deals decent damage with average capacity, fast fire rate, and paired with low mobility. When opponents are within the range of the flamethrower, it weakens (Weakening.png) them and burns (Burning.png) them with every shot.


It appears to be a flamethrower with a red muzzle, a bluish purple grip and body. Fueling it, is two red and purple propane tanks with a red skull printed on the center. The user equips the Incinerator's fuel tanks on their back and wields the flamethrower with their right hand similar to the Proton Freezer.


When the player holds the fire button, the Incinerator spews flames capable of finishing of enemies quickly while burning and weakening them simultaneously. Paired with its great range, the Incinerator makes quick work of opponents.

This Weapon has Fixed Delay, meaning whenever switched too, it has a short pull out animation.



  • Use this for crowd control. With its Burning Burning.png and Weakening Weakening.png Attribute, it can be deadly in close ranges.
  • Whenever not in combat, switch to a high mobility Melee such as the Combat Yo-Yo to easily move around the map.
  • Take cover whenever reloading, especially behind a wall.
  • Take advantage of its debuffs inflicted on opponents to quickly finish them off. The target(s) will lose half their damage output and lose health over time.


  • Whenever an opponent comes near you with this weapon, run back and dodge it's flames to avoid getting Burned Burning.png and WeakenedWeakening.png.
  • Outrange the opponents as this has a range limit.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups



  • Initial Release
  • It received the TeammateHealing.png attribute but for some reason it doesn’t work.


  • This weapon appeared as the Battle Horn to players who didn’t update their game.
  • It is a Soviet-themed weapon as it has a red star (with a skull for its southern points- while the real-life counterpart doesn't have one), this symbol was used by the Red Army.
  • When reloading, the reloading sound is similar to Jet Dragon.
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