The Infected Doctor is a common enemy in the Hospital map. It appears in the Monster Siege from wave 1.


It seems to be wearing turquoise latex gear. Additionally, it has blood on its face, arms, and hands. It also wears a white surgical mask, so the only part of its face you see were its glowing, yellow eyes.


Much like the zombie, it will walk towards you and raise its arms to hit you. It has moderate maneuvering skills.


Its stats differ in each difficulty.

Difficulty Damage Health Speed
Easy 1Heart new 8Heart new Slow
Medium 2-3Heart new 9Heart new Slow
Hard 3Heart new 10Heart new Slow



  • The Doctors were meant to help those who were infected. Ironically, they (along with the nurses), are among the first victims of the apocalypse.
    Zombie Surgeon

    A full appearance of the Infected Doctor.

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