The Infected Hazmat is an rare enemy found in the Area 52 level of Pixelated World


Damage: 1 Heart new.png

Health: 9 Heart new.png

Speed: Moderate


It will shamble towards you, only using one leg, and dragging the other.



It is an infected individual in a yellow hazmat suit with a blue face under a clear visor with large blood red eyes and additional blood stains on its suit.


A full appearance of the Infected Hazmat.

  • It is similar to the Blue Zombie because of its similar blue-toned face/skin.
  • The Infected Hazmat looks similar to Dead Trigger 2's Scienfist with the latter being both undead and donning hazmat suits.
  • It might have inhaled the infection through the air rather than being bitten, due to its hazmat suit covering its entire human body.

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