The Infected Nurse is a common enemy at the School level at the end of the Pixelated World Campaign.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 13 Heart new 3 Heart new Fast
Medium 17 Heart new 3-4 Heart new Fast
Hard 21 Heart new 4 Heart new Fast


It will slowly walk towards the player, keeping its arms at its side. If it makes contact, it will inflict damage. It can maneuver around obstacles very well. In an update, it was also placed it in the Hospital as the Venom Nurse, a ranged attacking version of itself. It spits poison or acid at the player.


The Infected Nurse has a mutilated face with a torn, ripped white shirt. It has a white, square hat with a red cross in the front, and red pointed toe shoes. In its torn shirt, you can see part of her breasts.

Zombie Nurse

A full appearance of the Infected Nurse.


  • The Infected Nurse is based on Bubblehead Nurse from the horror film which was filmed in 2006, and video game series Silent Hill, that came out in 1999 for the PlayStation along with a lot of other enemies in the map School. (Visit Nurse)
  • The Infected Nurse looks barely infected. This shares a trait with the Swat Double Headed Zombie.
  • Her face may also be bandaged, rather than torn.


  • Stay away from the nurse and shoot from afar.
  • Use a good Sniper or a good Primary if you are a beginner.
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