Fresh Meat

A full appearance of the Infected Student.

The Infected Student is an uncommon enemy in School.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 9 Heart new 2 Heart new Fast
Medium 10 Heart new 2-3 Heart new Fast
Hard 11 Heart new 3 Heart new Fast


It will sprint at a surprising rate to get to the player. It swings both of its arms, dealing damage.


  • School
    Infected Student

    An infected student about to attack the player


It is a zombie child with pink skin and lacks a face. It has large gashes going down its face. Its torso was covered with wounds. There are many cuts on its lower body, and it appears to be bleeding from the cuts. Its hands and feet are also bloody.


  • It is likely based on the "Grey Children" from Silent Hill.
  • Its size is similar to the Alien's size. They might even be reskins of each other.
  • It is unknown if the infected student is actually a student, because it lacks a face and clothing. It might just be a type of monster.
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