The Infected Swamp Knight is an enemy found in Swamp.


Different shades of white ghost-like armor with red eyes peeking through. It looks like it has waist-length hair.


It has decent maneuvering skills as of 10.6.0 update, where its behavior was fixed. If the player gets its attention, it will run towards the player whilst taking the shortest route. It also has high maneuverability and will not get stuck. Over time, it will gain speed to the point where it will catch up to the player if they don’t have any gear equipped that will greatly increase their speed.


Difficulties Damage Health Speed
Easy 2 Heart new.png 8 Heart new.png Very Fast
Medium 3 Heart new.png 12 Heart new.png Very Fast
Hard 5 Heart new.png 16 Heart new.png Very Fast



  • It is the only knight-type monster to not hold any weapons.
  • Despite it taking a ghost-like appearance, it does not have an invincibility ability.
  • This and the Demon Runner are the fastest mobs in the game.
  • As stated above in Behavior, it's maneuvering skills were greatly improved, when it's behavior was fixed in the 10.6.0 update.
  • It will appear in Arena after plenty of waves.
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