Not to be confused with Inside the Code, which is a Craft Item.

Inside the Code was a multiplayer map introduced in the 6.1.5 update. It was a premium map which costed 50 Coin.png.


Aiming is very hard on this map (unless the player is using the Stinger/Stinger 3000), as touching the floor bounces you upwards like the trampolines in the map Science Lab. There are many floating platforms scattered around you can stand on. Each team has three bigger platforms to spawn on, located at both the ends of the map. Each team spawns on one end.


Like "The Matrix", it is green and full of numbers 1 and 0, which resembles binary codes. It has blocks that you can stand on. The blocks are black with neon green outlines.  Also, the map is anti-gravity, making it difficult to land on the platforms. The color scheme in this map is neon green, and gives your skin and weapon a green shade. 



  • Initial release.


  • The map's price was reduced to 15 Coin.png

9.0.0 - 9.3.0

  • The map platforms were changed to be red or blue, the neon outlines of the other platforms were changed to be green instead of yellow.


  • The map was removed from Deathmatch, the map became free, and its soundtrack was changed to be shorter. An abrupt stop can be heard 10 seconds into the song, followed by the repeat.



  • The map was removed from Flag Capture, thus making the map entirely removed from the game. The music, however, still stayed to be featured in the Campaign level, "???".


  • Even though the map was removed from Multiplayer two updates prior, its soundtrack was modified again.


  • The map was brought back and put into the Capture mode rotation.


The map was removed from Deathmatch and Flag Capture for unknown reasons.


  • Maxresdefault-0.jpg
    This map is based on the series "The Matrix".
  • This map is rather hated among players due to the difficulty in aiming/shooting enemies, which may be the main reason why this map was removed.
  • This, along with the other premium maps, reference the game itself in some way.
    • This map somewhat references the code of this game.
  • This is the second map to feature 25% less gravity,the first being Space Station.
  • In newer updates, the spawn platforms are either a red or a blue color, this is due to tell players which platform is which.
  • It's appearance is highly familiar to the final level of the Crossed World, ??? (Campaign Level).
  • Despite being an XL map, it is quite small compared to Warehouse Assault, which is an M-sized map.
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