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The Invincible Lion is a Heavy weapon introduced in the 17.8.0 update. It can be obtained from the Trader's Van for a limited time.


It is a Greek mythology themed rocket launcher that shoots out yellow energy balls with medium bullet travel. It has decent damage, fast fire rate, low capacity, and an average mobility for a heavy weapon.


It appears to look like a marble pillar with gold patterns on its body and has a lion's head on the end of the barrel.


This weapon shoots out yellow energy balls that explode upon contact with players or obstacles. When this weapon shoots, a lion roaring can be heard. The lion can also be heard when this weapon reloads. It is a 2 shot and will be a guaranteed 1 shot when super punch is activated.

When reloading, the clip at the top of the gun is being taken out, and replaced with a new one.

It has Fixed Delay. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the Invincible Lion will always have a pull-up delay lasting around half of a second.



  • Aim at the ground as it has Area Damage.
  • Make sure you hit enemies with this weapon to activate its Super Punch.
    • You can hide in a corner and hit your shots from there so you won't be killed.
  • Spam this weapon as it has decent fire rate.
  • Pair this weapon with the Jetpack for a deadly kill strategy.
  • Don't be afraid to Rocket Jump with this weapon as it has no self damage(if not on walls).
  • For some reason this weapon also deals area damage to nearby enemies with super-punch so you can still hit even missing if close enough to an enemy.


  • This weapon does not do well in long ranges, so kill its users by using long ranged weapons such as Anti-Champion Rifle and other Snipers.
  • Use the Reflector (Gadget) to make your enemy think twice on shooting you.
  • Equip a Heavy weapon with the Stone Skin module combination so you're immune to its explosion damage.
  • Do not try to get close to the user while it has super punch activated because the weapon can also damage nearby enemies with super-punch even missing, unless you use the Reflector (Gadget).


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Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Equip a decent damaging Sniper and a Melee with 85 or more mobility.



  • Initial release.


  • This weapon appeared as the Hurricane for players who haven't updated their game yet.
  • The head part is very similar to that of the Chickaboom! head, and the body although it is a Heavy and Chickaboom! is a Primary.
  • This weapon has no trigger or grip despite the appearance of the kill icon.
  • This weapon is based off the Nemean Lion, which the hero Hercules killed to complete The Labours of Hercules.
  • In the kill icon it is shown this weapon had handles

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