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This content is exclusive to Pixel Gun World. It isn't in Pixel Gun 3D!
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Isla de la Muerte is a large map exclusively introduced to Pixel Gun World during the start of its Open Beta.


It is a large island, that introduces about 20 palm trees, some grassy areas, some bushes and a mountain introducing grass, dirt and stone. This mountain also has 3 entrances with one being a skull with orange "eyes". Inside the skull or the mountain, it contains tons of gold, coins and treasure chest (it also is the Bingo Chest's background).

There is a wrecked ship with some broken planks and details, 4 tiny cabins on the center of an island, a large, wood and hay-made tower (with a skeleton on one of its certain details) and a large building made out of planks being burnt. The building had a fence and on the inside, some wood-made furniture, barrels, small ladders and broken wooden stairs.


  • Do not go to the river, the ocean or the fire, as you may die.
  • When you are in the tower, sniping other players, do not stand still, as you may be an easy target.
  • Place Turrets on the spawn of the other team.
  • Use the Speed Potion, return your flag into your base, capture the enemy's flag and put it into your base. Also, repeat.
  • When enemy players attempt to steal your flag, use efficient Heavy weapons like the Sea Devil.


  • It is the first map exclusively introduced in Pixel Gun World
  • It is the first map, between both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World, having a map which is in a different language.
  • "Isla de la Muerte" is a Spanish term. In English means "Island of the Dead".
  • The map dons a pirate theme.
  • This, Paradise Resort and Big Barge are the only maps surrounded by water.
  • It is related (in a way) to the celebration "Dia De Los Muertos".


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