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The Jet Spear is a Melee weapon introduced in the 21.7.0 update.


It appears to be a heavy cumbersome spear-like weapon with two rings going down the middle and teal-colored holographic fin-like projections. The color of the weapon is mainly white with blue lines and patterns running through out the structure of the weapon. This weapon also uses the single shot system.


Despite this being a melee weapon, it's actually a ranged weapon with "Pulls towards the target" trait so use it like you would with Pulling Sucker Gun.



  • Use it like you would with the Pulling Sucker Gun, except without the area damage.
  • Pick up ammo overtime since it can run out quickly if used for too long.
  • If slowed down, can't jump, or trapped, escape using this weapon.
  • Use this to absorb incoming damage from strong weapons then escape and heal with a weapon such as Terramorphing Stone since Heroic Epee and Blot Axe are unable to be used while using this.
  • One can insert the shiv module for the faster shooting.


  • Dodge the attacks that comes towards you by either hiding or rocket jumping.
  • Have any weapon that has 75+ mobility to escape its users.
  • Quickly use the chances to kill the users upon they are trying to travel toward them with this weapon.


  • This is the first melee that featuring Pulling Towards TargetPullingTowardsTarget.png attribute.
  • This and the Disconnector are the only Melee weapons with ammo count.
  • This weapon uses the single-shot system, which means it doesn't have to reload, yet it has an animation for it anyways. (More notable examples are Ultimatum and Poison Darts)