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The Jetpack is a Tools Gadget introduced in the 9.0.0 update. It enables players to fly around anywhere inside the map for a limited amount of time.


The Jetpack is a jetpack depicted in most sci-fi movies, white a white coloring, with a black outline and a yellow warning symbol on the body of the Jetpack, some red and light blue stripes on the wings of the Jetpack, and black jet exhaust. On the back of the Jetpack, the word "FUEL" is written on it.


The Jetpack enables players to fly around using the Jump button once activated. Upon activation, the Jetpack starts to drain fuel for its duration, it can even drain more fuel once the Jump button (being a fly button) is used.

You need to hold the jump so it's hard to shoot for newer players.



  • The Jetpack is quite useful for getting around high areas quickly.
    • The Jetpack also serves as a faster method to move around the map.
    • If you are using this gadget in Battle Royale, make sure to be closer to the ground when the gadget runs out, as you may take significant damage and/or die if you are too high up in the air.
  • This tool is very efficient when it comes to Flag Capture. It is because you can capture flags with ease while flying, and other players will experience difficulties in killing you due to you flying.
  • Be careful about where you're going to land. If the duration is about to expire in a few seconds, be sure you are flying above the ground, as you may fall into places where you die instantly, such as the floor in Ant's Life or the gaps between the structures in Parkour City.
  • A combination of the Jetpack and an area damage weapon could be useful to pick down opponents on the ground surface.
  • Using this gadget in Free Play is highly recommended if you are hunting for the Secrets. The same applies to Battle Royale, in order to navigate different terrains. However, be mindful of the fall damage you may receive if the Jetpack releases you at a high elevation.
  • This gadget has been proven very effective against the Evil Bug and Slender Man bosses, as their teleportation abilities cannot reach you if you are in the air.
  • Using the Jetpack will make you vulnerable and an easy target for players, mainly snipers.
  • Try to strafe and use irregular movement patterns as the enemy will have less of a chance of hitting you.


  • It is difficult to shoot with an automatic weapon while using the Jetpack in the air, but that can lead to full Jetpack battles. Players are also vulnerable in the air, as it is easy to snipe on the ground at right angles.
  • Use a weapon or a gadget with the Manual Guidance attribute, since their projectiles will be able to follow users and damage them. However, it is best not to shoot them from very far away, since these projectiles won't be able to reach the targeted player.
  • Use a high-ammunition minigun, as you will miss quite a few shots trying to hit the user.
  • If the user is close by or has just activated the Jetpack, you can shoot them with a powerful weapon such as a shotgun or rocket launcher.
  • Use the Pew Blaster or Witch's Sheep Cauldron to turn your enemies into bugs or sheep before they have the chance to escape with this
  • If you are able to kill the player while they are using the Jetpack you will receive the Duck Hunt achievement that´ll offer you 20 extra points.



Cooldown Duration
Initial Tier 38 Seconds 11 Seconds
Tier 1 37 Seconds 12 Seconds
Tier 2 36 Seconds 13 Seconds
Tier 3 35 Seconds 15 Seconds
Tier 4 34 Seconds 16 Seconds
Tier 5 33 Seconds 17 Seconds
Tier 6 32 Seconds 19 Seconds
Tier 7 31 Seconds 21 Seconds
Tier 8 30 Seconds 23 Seconds
Tier 9 29 Seconds 25 Seconds
Tier 10 28 Seconds 26 Seconds
Tier 11 27 Seconds 27 Seconds
Final Tier 26 Seconds 29 Seconds



  • Initial release.


  • The Jetpack became a pick-up along with other gadgets. If a player previously had (a) Jetpack(s), then each Jetpack would be refunded for 4 Gem.png.
  • Its sounds were changed. It now has a chemical-based propulsion noise rather than electric-based propulsion.


  • The Jetpack was changed again to become a purchasable gadget. Its pick-up form was removed.



  • The gadget system was reworked, and now it uses the same upgrade system as weapons.


  • This along with some other gadgets has been nerfed.


  • The Jetpack is a very good gadget for new players to the game. It has a very low unlock level, it is cheap, and it allows you to fly to instantly gain higher ground, which you normally cannot do at lower levels.
  • This was in the Closed Beta Test of Pixel Gun World along with the Battle Mech. However, after a certain update in the Closed Beta Test, this was removed and hasn't returned. This is why this gadget is taken into account to be exclusive to Pixel Gun 3D
  • A Sandbox version of this gadget exists, the Cupid Wings.
  • The Personal BLOQ Jetpack has a similar design to this.
  • This is now commonly used by players with cluster bomb or high damage heavies such as Christmas Ultimatum and Proton Freezer.
  • Killing enemies with the gadget on gives the user extra points and killing users who have this gadget on also gives extra points.
  • In the older versions of Pixel Gun 3D, this gadget was very popular as it could be used to glitch out of maps such as Ant's Life.


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