Just A Hand is a Melee "weapon" introduced in the 10.1.0 update. It has no upgrades and can only be used in Sandbox.


It is an unarmed "weapon" meant for non-combative uses or simply for non-item interactions with other players. Its arms seem to bend slightly backwards in a third person perspective.


In the armory, its icon appears as a hand with a black glove (based on the Newbie skin), but when using it, the hand matches the chosen skin of the player. When idle, nothing is shown on the player's perspective. When "attacking" however, the player's hand briefly appears as it shakes with it, it makes a sway sound when it does.


As mentioned earlier, Just A Hand does not have any combat use other than interaction. It cannot be used in gamemodes or minigames other than Sandbox due to its non-combat nature.



  • While the weapon does not have any combat use, it can be used to take ingame screenshots when not attacking with it as it does not occupy the lower portion of the screen.



Just A Hand is added in the game, along with Sandbox mode. However, the info screen was buggy at that time (see Trivia below).


Because of the buggy nature of the info screen, the button for it has been removed.

Later versions

Weapon "stats" changed, but they are mostly visual.
Tapping the Just A Hand icon on the Armory screen will do nothing.

Screenshot 2017-01-28-07-49-55-1

The result when one checks its info (removed in the 11.4.0 update).


  • It is the only weapon to ever lack a Gallery entry.
  • Technically, it is the only "weapon" in-game with 0 efficiency. Although it is shown to have efficiency of 7.
  • The "weapon" only shown in the Armory if a player checks it in a Sandbox server.
  • It is the only Default "weapon" in Sandbox.
  • In versions prior to 11.4.0, if a player checks the info of this "weapon", the results will be glitchy as pictured to the right. Here are the abnormal things in which it indicates:
    • It is called the "COMBAT RIFLE", instead of "Just A Hand".
    • It doesn't indicate the weapon, nor any other weapon.
    • It does not show any statistic headings, except for the Grade heading.
    • It says "RARITY: UNCOMMON", instead of "Grade: Uncommon".
    • It says that it has an unspecified zoom, a blast radius, and wall break.
    • Grade and attributes are all caps and are placed improperly.
    • It says in red-orange "New Label".
    • It says that the Just A Hand costs 60Coin on a 30% discount. However, there is no buy button.
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