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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is a game content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D accessory. If you are looking for the same accessory in Pixel Gun World, see Destructor Crown.

The King's Crown is an accessory item found in the Armory.


It's a royal golden square-shaped crown with rubies on the 4 sides of it.



☆: It gives a user increased speed (+5%), increased damage for all weapons, (+5%) and decreased self-explosion damage (-25%).


  • Use this as an advantage to reduce self-explosion damage.
  • Aim at the head, using weapons, to maximize the damage.
  • Use this hat in order to run and strafe in a slightly easier way.


  • Take out its users with Homing Missile in close to medium range.
  • Simply stated, there is no proper way of countering users that use this as their helmet. Most of the wear is instead just for boosters, what you should really be focusing on countering is the weapons that your enemies are using.


Royal themed.


  • There is an accessory similar to it, which is the Burning Tiara, unlocked at Adamant League.
  • There is a typo in the description (First known in 15.0.0) where it says, "Increases movement speed and weapon damage, greatly decreases self-explosion damage."
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