The Knight Golem is an enemy in a Castle (Campaign) to assist the Wizard Boss fighting against the player. It also appears in the Arena.


It is a big metal knight that wields a sword (similar in design to the Knight Sword) and a shield. It wears a horned silver helmet, some yellow on the front and a miniature skull. Its face is dark red and dons red eyes. Most of its armor is silver plated. Some parts are yellow, red, brown and dark gray.

It has red orbs for its joints, face, and the center of its body, it shows a target sign orbiting its core, which was its only hitbox.


It will walk towards the player and swing its sword downwards to the player followed with fast swings, making it a deadly opponent in melee ranges.


Difficulty Health Damage Speed
Easy 20 Heart new 8 Heart new Moderate
Medium 25 Heart new 10 Heart new Moderate
Hard 30 Heart new 12 Heart new Moderate
Pixelgun3d beastiary knight golem by arbiter7734-dahsacn

Knight Golems being summoned by the wizards arrival



  • Shoot the Knight Golem at the center of mass. Shooting the Knight Golem anywhere else will deal no damage.
  • It is advised not to use melee weapons against Knight Golems since they can only be damaged at their chest. A Knight Golem's sword can deal a lot of damage as well, so shooting at it from a distance is a more advisable approach.


  • 4 Knight Golems are summoned when the wizard boss spawns.
  • It is one of the mobs that only have a hitbox for its core. Most of its parts are ghostly for other projectiles except for large-radii explosives.
  • It is one of only three mobs to have a designated hitbox, the other two being Code Knight and Pharaoh Golem.
  • It also appears as one of Big Decor craft item, which is called Guard Golem.
  • A matrix version of the Knight Golem is found in ??? called Code Knight.
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