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The Laser Cat Rifle, also commonly abbreviated as the LCR, is a Sniper weapon added in the 21.1.0 update.


It is a cat themed sniper rifle that fires lasers beams that can pierce through walls and cause the burning debuff against enemies. It deals a very high amount of damage which is capable eliminating a player in one to two shots, but it also has a medium-decent fire rate of 73, a low capacity of 6 shots, and a low-decent mobility of 55. It was obtainable in the 3 Cat Spam Trader's Van in the 21.1.0 update


It has a blue cat barrel end, the body is mostly white with a bit of pink, there is a cat head on top of the weapon, a can shaped magazine that is white with a blue neon light. At the back of the weapon is a white stock with a pink back.


This rifle shoots pink lasers with an instant travel time. It gives a delay to some weapons that is associated to three category spam like the Thunderer or Reflector (Weapon). This weapon also can shoot through walls, though the damage is reduced when performing that action. If the beam hits a target, it will set them ablaze for a short while. Due to the effect reworks, this weapon takes more time to deal full damage. To finish your opponent quickly, have an automatic primary in your loadout.


Hit the opponent with this weapon, and quickly switch to your automatic primary in your loadout to quickly finish them off. Recommended Primary’s: Treasurer, Stormtrooper Exoskeleton, Neutron Pulsator, Pew Pew Rifle, Advanced Scout Rifle.


  • You can perform Three Category Spam with this weapon.
  • Use this weapon to pick off users from long range.
  • You can use the scope to zoom up on an enemy and get a precise shot.
  • Since it deals a very high damage, try to hit an enemy and the burning debuff will most likely kill the enemy if they didn't die at first. It will take some time though, giving them a moment to heal or they will be eliminated.


  • Engage its users from medium to short ranges.
  • Use a shotgun like the Combat Candy to engage in close combat with them.
  • Use a weapons with the blindness attribute like the Sand Tower Pistol to blind the player's screen, thus messing up their aim.
  • Sneak up on the user from behind, and use a high damage shotgun (like Ultimatum) or Melee (like Double Cashback) to kill them.
  • Use a powerful sniper weapon like the Anti-Champion Rifle, Dragon Bite or the Demon Catcher to finish off its userss before they kill you, for its burning effect is quite slow.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

It is a recommended weapon for a Three Category Spam Loadout, having an automatic weapon in addition to this can aid in finishing off wounded foes.



  • Initial release.
  • This weapon's damage got buffed shortly after its release by 15%.
  • Its delay time got changed three days after its debut and only gives delay but doesn't receive like Heavy Sniper Rifle and Harsh Punisher.


  • This weapon is part of the 3catspam set, which consists of this weapon, Cyber Cat Lantern, and Bomber Cat.
  • The “Cat” in its name is a reference to the popular Three Category Spam technique used by some players. In fact, the whole set is a reference to Three Category Spam
  • This weapon showed up as the Frosty Railgun for IOS users that didn’t update the game yet.
  • It is currently the 3rd highest damaging sniper with instant travel time due to the recent 15% buff.
  • After its delay animation got removed shortly, it doesn’t receive delay like the Heavy Sniper Rifle and Harsh Punisher and other few sniper weapons that don’t receive delay, making this weapon the first Sniper that doesn't receive delay to be released in 2021..
  • This is one of the best 3 Cat Spam weapons to use with Thunderer and Necklace of the Ice King/Poison Darts because this only gives delay, doesn't receive, and is high damaging.


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