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The Laser Ninja is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 19.0.0 update.


It's a Cyberpunk themed sniper that makes you invisible when reloading. It has good damage, a slow mobility, and a average capacity for a sniper.


It appears to be a futuristic sniper rifle with an unusually long bayonet, which is presumably a cyber katana. It features pink and blue accents with a long blue blade. The edge of the blade of the katana is cyan, and it is connected to the barrel like a bayonet. There is a big pink "NINJA" embedded on the side of the katana. The scope has neon “spikes” on it.


It shoots a large blue beam that deals good damage. When reloading, the blade on the gun disappears and you turn invisible (Similar to using the Stealth Bracelet).



  • Use this to finish off enemies.
  • Try using this from long range then finishing of your opponent with a shotgun such as the Undertaker.
  • You can 3CatSpam with this weapon.
  • You will turn invisible while reloading, so you won't have to worry that much as you do.
  • Due to the relatively low initial damage, it is a good idea to pair this with a powerful finisher, such as the Rebel or a high-damage heavy like Storm of All Seas.


  • Use a Jetpack or Reflector so that players with this weapon would be less interested in killing you.
  • Flank your enemy then ambush your enemy with a high damage dealing shot gun or heavy.


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Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

  • Use this weapon in a 3 Category Spam loadout.
  • Equip the Steel Hands module combination for decreased recoil.



  • Initial Release


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