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Thanks to the accumulator of the rifle, you can make three shots by pulling a trigger just once. Considering the annihilating piercing power, you will need to tap just once to get a heavily armored enemy destroyed.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Laser Ray Rifle is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 16.4.0 update. It can be obtained from the Toy Season Battle Pass.


It is a blueish purple, toy-themed sniper rifle that shoots lasers semi-automatically. It has good damage, a very fast fire rate for a sniper, a decent capacity, and low mobility. It is 6-9 shots, making it 2-3 bursts.


It features the 8x scope on top and a barrel with red triangle sticking out of the compensator. There is a battery where the magazine is. While reloading, the sniper discards the used battery and replaces it with a new one.


It semi-automatically shoots red laser beams that have instant bullet travel time when the fire button is pressed. This means that it shoots these lasers in bursts. Moreover, it possesses a 10x zoom optic sight which allows it to fight in a long range.

When reloading, the used battery cell is ejected from the plastic magazine and is replaced with a fresh cell. It has no delay mechanics.



  • Go for the head to increase Efficiency Per Shot.
    • Wear and equip any Sniper Efficiency booster wears to make the work shorter.
  • Reload in a safe spot as the reload time is quite long.
  • Use this with another weapon to make this weapon more powerful.
  • Switch to an 85 mobility weapon to traverse around the map as this weapon's mobility is low.
  • Use it's 8x scope for more long range fights.
  • If using this sniper solely in a match/Sniper Tournament, it is absolutely recommended to equip Steel Hands as this weapon has a high recoil, and you can miss many shots.
    • This proves that using this weapon at long range is not recommended.


  • Strafe around the enemy to make it hard for them to hit you.
  • Attack the user when they're reloading.
  • Outrun the user with an 85 mobility weapon.
  • Utilize the laser to hunt and kill regardless hit or miss.
  • Supreme fire rate weapon render him/her lose control.
  • Use a one-shot sniper rifle to counter-sniper him/her.
  • Engaging these users at long ranges can prove to be effective counters as this weapon has a high recoil, and isn't very accurate at long ranges.
  • Take cover behind solid objects if you are being spotted by these users.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Bring a backup-sniper weapon like Exterminator to deal with enemies at long range more effectively. Furthermore, a melee with at least 85 mobility is recommended for traveling around the map.


  • Initial release.


  • It is one of the few burst-fire sniper rifles in the game.
  • It is one of few sniper weapons that aren't very suitable for long range combat, despite it's instant travel time.

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