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The Last Cry is a Melee weapon introduced in the 17.5.0 update.


It is functionally identical to the Percival & Lamorak except with lifesteal instead of bleeding. It is a 1-2 shot kill with a slow fire rate and low mobility. Its dash makes up for the low mobility.


It resembles a rooster head on a white and orange stick, with grey spikes and a beak of the same color. It also has a red comb and wattle. The green eye looks like a zombie eye and it also moves and looks at random places. The head surrounds itself with green particles when charging.


It performs like the Percival & Lamorak, with dash and charge. The longer the player charges, the further they will dash and the more damage they will do.

The Shiv can reduce charge time of this weapon, allowing it to reach full charge faster. The higher the module level, the faster the charge time.



  • Combine with long-range immunity module effect for a brief period of invincibility.
  • Use it in enclosed maps for the highest performance.
  • Use it similarly to the Percival & Lamorak by dashing around your opponent to confuse them or by sneak attacking them.
  • Just like the Percival & Lamorak, it has no delays. Use this as an advantage to switch to this weapon so you can escape or dodge attacks faster.


  • Pick the user off at long range with one-shot weapons, as if you fail to kill them they will notice your location and either charge at you or run away to and recover.
  • Stay on the air so the user will waste his effort in an attempt to hit you.
  • Use the reflector so you will lure its users to self-kill.
  • Use a grappling weapon to grapple away then pick off the opponent with some one-shot weapon.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Pair with a powerful shotgun so you may get close to your opponent, then hit them with the shotgun.



  • Initial release.


  • Nerfed the dash effect by adding gravity and not allowing players to glide anymore, however, this does not apply to Campaign and Arena mode.


  • You can no longer escape with the flag with this weapon in Flag Capture anymore. The flag will drop when you attempt to escape with it.


  • This is the third weapon to have the Dash ability, the others being Sly Wolf and Percival & Lamorak. All current dash weapons have the Charge attribute.
  • This and the Percival & Lamorak are the only dash weapons without delays.
  • This weapon would be considered a bio mechanical weapon due to it having organic components and inorganic components.

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