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Folks say that this club was created from the lava taken from the magic volcano. Don't wear it at your waist.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Lava Flail is a Melee weapon. It is introduced in one of the earlier updates of the game of Pixel Gun 3D.


It is a yellow stick with a lava cactus attached to it that attacks and burns the player in close range. It can output massive damage in a single hit but at the cost of very slow attack speed and average mobility.


This weapon has a yellow and orange striped handle, which goes along the "lava" theme. A smaller attachment is completely yellow. A small silver piece of metal is on top of this attachment, and a black chain hangs from this piece of metal. A large red and yellow "lava cactus" is attached to the chain.


When the player swings this weapon, the lava cactus is swung along with it. This weapon, being a melee weapon, can only attack in close range. The attack is also only successful when the entire swing animation is done. This weapon can also burn the player, making them temporarily lose health.



  • It can be inaccurate on some occasions but should be used at a fixed range in order to deal decent damage.
  • The player has to wait for the entire swing animation to finish to attack the player.
  • This weapon shouldn't be used for its mobility too often.
  • This weapon can nearly kill players who have full armor with a single headshot.


  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges.
  • Users can't run very fast with this, making escaping quite hard.
  • The slow attack speed can easily be avoided.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

As it has moderate mobility, you can combine it with more-mobile weapons, such as the Turbo Pistols.



  • Initial release.


  • The weapon was given the Burning attribute.



  • It was removed from the Armory


The Lava Flail in use.

  • Before the version 8.2.1 came out, this weapon was the second and last upgrade of the Cactus Flail.
  • It has an unusually long range for a melee weapon.
  • It is based off a flail, but the metal is replaced with lava.
  • It may be a reference to the Sun Fury, a flail weapon from the game Terraria that has a lava theme.
  • This melee weapon is one of the only weapons that can't hit in the closest ranges.
  • It has the one of the slowest attack rate out of all the Melee weapons.
  • When you swing the flail, it takes a second after the swing to hit the foe. This could be a bug.
  • However in 17.4.0, it was fixed.
  • This weapons grade was changed from Common to Rare in the current Upgrade System, however players who still have it in Common will not have the ability to max it to Mythical.
  • When upgraded to Mythical rarity, it can one-shot players.
  • It is one of the powerful Rare weapons, along with Apocalypse (PG3D).


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