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Not to be confused with a similarly named weapon: the Like Launcher.

The Like Booster is a Primary weapon introduced in the 18.0.0 update. It can be obtained from the Game Developer Season Battle Pass.


It is an automatic rifle that deals good damage with medium bullet travel time, high fire rate (more accurate tested fire rate is 97), and average capacity and mobility. It will still shoot even when you are out of ammo.


The barrel grey with blue designs around it with the word "LIKE" written on the side in blue. It has a smartphone that displays the Facebook like button that serves as the weapon's magazine. It has a grey handle and a red trigger with a grey and blue stock. The aiming sight is purely for cosmetics, and it resembles the Neutron Pulsator and X-Ray Glasses in some ways.


When shot it fires "likes" with bullet travel as its bullets. Teammates that are hit with the bullets are healed for a small amount, while enemies shooting you will get damaged because of its DamageReflection.png attribute. When reloading, the player will take out the smartphone, click it continuously until the screen turns back on, and then insert it back into the gun.

It has Fixed Delay. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the Like Booster will always have a pull-up delay lasting around half of a second.

This weapon does have a very small Area Damage, similar to System Admin.



  • This weapon has travel time so keep that in mind.
  • This weapon has a small AoE. You can hit enemies a little to the side of the place where they are standing.
  • If you plan on supporting your teammates, shoot them with this gun to heal them.
  • Use this weapon in close ranges due to its bullet travel.
  • Use this if you see an enemy using a high damaging weapon to reflect back part of the damage
  • Try use this weapon to heal & help your Teammates in teamwork modes like Co-op Survival, Flag Capture, Raids, Clan Raid, & Team Strike.


  • Use a more superior automatic primary weapon like the Secret Forces Rifle or anything without bullet travel and can deal higher damage per second to counter this weapon effectively.
  • Eliminate its users with a sniper from long range.
  • Use area damage weapons to mess up the player's aim.

Recommended Maps

Close ranged maps without many sharp corners like Silent School and Pixel Gun Office.

Equipment Setups

  • Equip a high mobility weapon such as the Double Cashback as it's mobility isn't high enough to run with.
  • Use a weapon with the healing attribute to heal yourself after a battle.



  • Initial release.


  • It is based on the Facebook like button, characterized by the white thumbs up hand and a blue wristband.
  • It is the second weapon with the Damage Reflection after the Gorgon Head.
  • Despite the fire rate being listed as 98, in-game, it fires slightly slower, accurately to weapons with a fire rate of 97.
  • This is one of the few weapons in the game to have an inaccurate displayed fire rate in the armory.
  • This weapon does not have the Scoped attribute despite having a scope.
  • This is the second Primary weapon to have the Teammates Healing attribute, the other being Holy Shotgun.


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