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The Likes Absorber is a Backup weapon introduced in the 21.5.0 update. It is one of the three Super Hater Traders Van weapons in the Blogger Season.


It is a blogger/hater themed backup introduce in the 21.5.0 update. It's the third flamethrower in the Back Up section.


The gun appears to have a similar model to the Extracting Ray Pistol, with a grayish-black color scheme. Some parts of the gun are orange. In the left hand, it appears to be a walkie-talkie, similar to how you hold one with Supply Airdrop. However, like Supply Airdrop, the walkie-talkie is purely for cosmetic looks, and cannot be used.


It has good capacity, low mobility, and low damage. It has a good fire rate for an Electrothrower weapon. Since this weapon possesses that attribute, it is better to use this weapon in close-medium range. However, when switching to this weapon, there will be a pullout delay of about 0.5 seconds.


Due to the fact that this is a close range weapon, use it in maps like Silent School or Pool Party. use this like you would use High Voltage and Echo Scanner. This is a fairly decent weapon in Duels due to the "Blocks Gadgets" attribute.


  • Make sure to land most of your shots on the enemy, since Electrothrower weapons eat through your ammo.
  • If you see a gadget user, be sure to hit them so they can't use them.
  • Pair this with a high damage shotgun or a high damage sniper, as this weapon also possesses the "Gravitation Force" attribute.


  • Stay out of the range of the weapon. It may look like this is a flamethrower, but Electrothrower weapons have more range than flamethrowers.
  • Use a sniper to take the user out.
  • Use any weapon with the "Slows the Target" attribute to make them even slower.
  • If the user lands their shots as to almost kill you, equip your Heavy weapon with the Last Word Module Combo so they also take damage.
  • Another method is to use the Reflector Gadget.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups


  • 21.5.0 Initial Release


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