The Lunar Surface is a Terrain introduced in the 12.0.0 update. It is also a terrain in the Clan Fort.


It appears as a 3D block where on the top, half of it is moon stone and the other half being a light-bluish lunar substance.

In the middle, the lunar stone is dark teal, while on the bottom, it is light teal. Giving it simple layers of rock.



It is used to greatly increase the chance of Mythical pets hatching.


It replaces the default Desert terrain with a lunar surface terrain.


Space/Moon themed.


  • This terrain's block model doesn't have to do anything with the vast amounts of Minecraft's blocks.
  • This, the Asteroid and the Martian Field all have the same theme, a space theme.
  • It fits with the Transport Tape Road.
  • This terrain cannot be removed.
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