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The MED Surgery Module is a Melee weapon introduced in the 19.0.0 update. It can be obtained in the Cyberpunk Season Battle Pass.


The MED Surgery Module is a cyber themed "scythe" blade that transforms into your arm. It has medium damage, infinite capacity, and high mobility.


The module takes form of a "scythe" blade built into the player's right arm. The blade itself is gray and yellow, while the mechanism that holds the blade has red and blue details. When you dash, a small white tornado appears at the blade.


The player charges up the weapon every time they attack to increase the damage and dashing property, making the player traverse a certain distance at a high speed. The player swings the scythe to hit enemies at close range.

When the attack button is held, the charge bar will appear on the screen. The time required to be fully charged is relatively slow, about 4 seconds, more than other charge shot weapons. The longer the attack button is held down, the more will the bar be filled, and the longer the dash distance will be.

When charging the blade, the player brings the blade back, preparing to strike an enemy. Once let go, the blade is charged forward as the player dashes to attack. The attack does medium to high damage, as this weapon is usually able to 2 shot a max-armored player.

It has Fixed Delay. This means that once the player switches from any weapon to this weapon, the MED Surgery Module will always have a pull-up delay lasting around half of a second.



  • As this weapon has both high mobility, dash and stats, it is an ideal weapon for utility and transport.
  • This weapon is not recommended for 3 cat spam because it has fixed delay.
  • Add the Shiv module to this melee as the higher the level the less charge up time it will have.
  • This weapon is very good for Raid


  • Pick off its users from a range that this weapon cannot reach.
  • Use the Ninja Shuriken gadget to end its users life swiftly.
  • Since this has the Dash attribute, in close range combat, it may be best to use the weapon yourself to flee away.*

Recommended Maps

This weapon is good on any map with corridors, so you can dash down them, killing any enemies in the way. A few examples are:

Equipment Setups

This can work well with a one-shot close range weapon such as shotguns or the Ghost Lantern/Soulstone as it allows the user to quickly get close and personal with enemies.



  • Initial release



  • Added this to Military Lottery.


  • It is the only dash weapon to have 85 mobility.
  • It is also the fastest dash weapon in the game, as the dash is further than Percival & Lamorak, Last Cry and the Sly Wolf.
  • It is proven to be better than Percival & Lamorak by damage testers.
  • Like other Dash.png weapons you can’t glide with this weapon.
  • This is the third weapon to be banned from Knife Party after the Disconnector and Heroic Epee, despite the fact that other Melees with Dash.png did not get banned.
  • This, along with the other weapons in the Cyberpunk Season Battle Pass (except the Drone Combat Station), are some of the few weapons that transform your arm into a weapon upon firing, with the others being the Cyborg Hands, Rocket Hands and Sniper Cyber Module.
  • The blade of the weapon resembles the Goo Substance Scythe while the actual weapon itself resembles the Arasaka Mantis Blades from Cyberpunk 2077.
  • It is also based off the Trauma team from Cyberpunk 2077.
  • Strangely, the user's arm was seen to be twisted when using the weapon.
  • Due to a rework to any weapon with the "Dash" attribute, any dash weapon that requires a charge must have a fully charged shot to dash forward. Otherwise, the gun acts like a melee when not fully charged.
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