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It is this bow exactly that brought the Knight to the Frog-Queen. In the reality, however, the frog wasn't a bewitched czarevna. She was a huge toad raid boss.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Magic Bow is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 8.0.0 update.


It is a simple bow with the Burning.png effect. It has good damage, a slow fire rate, low capacity, and decent mobility. When at max level, it is able to 2 shot opponents combined with the burning attribute.


It is a "pixelated" bow with different shades of orange for the arch of the bow, an arrow with a golden shaft, and fiery particles coming out of the head.



This weapon shoots an arrow with instant bullet travel time. It has no scope, but the arrow projectile can burn an affected opponent, causing them to temporarily lose health.

It is a bow, so it uses the single-shot system, therefore, it has no reload animation. It has an input delay, which gives its own delay on to an output delay weapon.


Formerly, the weapon was capable of shooting an arrow with wall break. It also had infinite capacity, high damage and a very large hitbox.



  • Be careful when using this weapon for long periods of time, you may run out of ammunition
  • Due to its long-range of fire and great accuracy, the Magic Bow can be used to target opponents from a distance
  • Do not stay in one spot while using this weapon, as you will become an easy target for enemies
  • Use this weapon in areas where many players will go to, such as the hallway in Pool Party or Silent School
  • Do not allow enemies to get too close to you, as it will be more difficult to attack them
  • Use the Sniper set (Sniper Mask, Sniper Cape, and Sniper Boots) to make this bow become more efficient.
  • Since this weapon has the burning effect, you can try to shoot your opponents with this weapon first and then use another weapon such as the Exterminator to finish them off.
  • Try to aim for the head to maximize the damage.


  • To avoid the Burning attribute, equip the Halloween Set and the burning will not affect you
  • To avoid being hit, strafe around the user, or get behind a wall or obstacle
  • Use a powerful Melee weapon and attack the user in close range
  • Shotguns are very effective counters to this weapon, an example being the Viking or Undertaker
  • Pick off its user(s) from long ranges due to it having no scope.
  • Use Area Damage weapons when in close encounters with its user.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups



  • Initial release.


  • Its model was changed to be more realistic.
  • It is no longer an upgrade to the Hunger Bow, nor is it upgraded to the Fire Bow.
  • Its model now uses the model of its removed upgrade, the Fire Bow.


  • Its projectiles no longer shoot through walls. To compensate for this, its headshot damage was increased enough to instantly kill lightly armored players.


  • Its ammo was changed to no longer be infinite. It now starts with 21 arrows which can be maxed out to 41, just like the Hunger Bow.


  • The weapon was given the Burning attribute.


  • Its model was redesigned once again.


  • The weapon was removed from the game.


  • The weapon was brought back.



  • It received a new animation for firing and reloading.


  • The old design for this weapon seems to have the appearance of an enchanted bow from the popular Minecraft game.
  • The Magic Bow also has the ability to slightly track a target, allowing a user to shoot in the approximate area of an enemy.
  • The Magic Bow is also one of the first few weapons to be introduced in Pixel Gun 3D.
  • When running out of ammo an arrow will still be shown.
  • Even though this is considered as a Sniper, it cannot be used in Sniper Forts.
  • You were able to get this in the Gallery for 50 coupons for a limited time.
  • In the current update, this weapon is a 2 - 3 shot with decent Burning damage. However, it is rare to find people using this as this weapon is removed and only bought back as a reward in certain events.
  • Unlike most bows, its crosshair is the same as a normal sniper rifle e.g. One shot.
  • This, like all other bows, have a developer's message in the Gallery saying that they will give this weapon a charging effect at some point. While it would significantly reduce the fire rate, it would most likely increase the damage of this and other bows like the Frozen lich bow or Archangel.
  • It's coloration is similar to the Fire Demon (PG3D) and the Fire Orb.


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