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The Magic Egg is a type of Egg introduced in the 11.1.0 update. It can provide the player with Rare, Epic, Legendary or Mythical pets.


It is available in two cosmetic forms, one which is white with purple polka-dots, and one which is purple with white polka-dots. However this does not effect the drops from the egg.

Obtainable Pets

These are the list of pets obtainable through the Magic Egg.

Rare Epic Legendary Mythical
Hedgehog Icon.png Hedgehog Alien Cat Icon.png Alien Cat Arnold 3000 Icon.png Arnold 3000 Cyberphoenix Icon.png Cyber Phoenix
Lion Icon.png Lion Deer Icon.png Deer Chicken Icon.png Chicken Eaglespirit Icon.png Eagle Spirit
Meerkat Icon.png Meerkat Eagle Icon.pngEagle Dinosaur Icon.png Dinosaur Griffin Icon.png Griffin
Owl Icon.png Owl Hyena Icon.png Hyena Panther Icon.png Panther Magical Dragon Icon.png Magical Dragon
Panda Icon.png Panda Kangaroo Icon.png Kangaroo Parade Horse Icon.png Parade Horse Mammoth Icon.pngMammoth
Robo Dog Icon.png Robo Dog Monkey Icon.png Monkey Pterodactyl Icon.png Pterodactyl Phoenix Icon.png Phoenix
Snake Icon.png Snake Ostrich Icon.png Ostrich Rhino Icon.png Rhino Sabertooth Tiger Icon.pngSabertooth Tiger
Toucan Icon.png Toucan Skunk Icon.png Skunk Tiger Icon.png Tiger T-Rex Icon.png T-Rex
Zombie Cat Icon.png Zombie Cat White Bear Icon.pngWhite Bear Unicorn Icon.png Unicorn


  • The Magic Egg and the Champion Egg hatch the same type of pets.
  • The Magic Egg is the only egg that can be obtained via Progress Road.
    • What makes them different is the rarer pets that come from the Champion Eggs are actually slightly more common than the ones that come from the Magic Eggs.

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