The Magical Valley is a Raid map introduced in the 16.4.0 update.




  • "Defeat The Boss!"
  • "Enter The Location"
  • "Collect All Scrolls"
  • "Capture The Altar"
  • "Destroy All Portals"
  • "Go To The Altar"



  • This map is much harder than Dead City, as the monsters have higher health. Magic weapons with 2-3 levels higher are recommended in order to shred high health monsters, such as Medusa, or swarms such as snakes. Weapons like Black Mamba, Destruction System/Christmas Ultimatum or high DPS weapons with high levels are good for this task.
  • When capturing the altar, get 3 people to distract the monsters, and have the remaining player capture it.
  • By getting out of a monsters' sight zone, you can snipe them by using medium-range weapons, thus avoiding damage. This does, however, deal less damage to the monster.
  • Take advantage of the Healing Wells near the Red Biclops boss. The Healing Well near the Witch Doctor's hut is too far out of the way to be of any practical use, even with the new checkpoints.
  • To farm chests/xp/coins, there are better game-modes to do so in, but if you're in a randomly chosen team on Easy, feel free to ignore the goals in favour of killing enemies to secure the top position. Most of the time, your teammates will be lower levels and/or quit anyway. Sometimes people will try and compete with you, so if you're not confident in your skills, quit and find a new game with newer players who may not entirely understand what's going on.


  • It's a reworked version of the Battle Royale map, Small Isle.
  • It seems to be based off of a number of fantasy franchises, such as Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, and Alice In Wonderland.
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