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For the pet, see Mammoth (Pet).

The Mammoth (Weapon) is a Sniper weapon introduced in update 21.2.0.


The Mammoth is a Mythical Sniper that is introduced in the 21.2.0 update and it is obtainable from the General Bullet Set. It features a very high amount of damage, an above average capacity of 16, a decent-slow fire rate and paired with a very low mobility of 40.


It is a bolt-action sniper rifle with an army-green motif. It features a long scope, thick muzzle brake, 10-round shaped magazine, bipod, cheek rest and an 8X telescopic sight with purple lens.


When the player presses the fire button, the Mammoth fires a high-caliber bullet and recoils back into the player's arms with instant travel time, damaging and piecing any target within its way dealing damage along with Bleeding Bleeding.png. This weapon does the same damage as the Laser Cat Rifle. However, it does less damage compared to it when shooting through walls.

When reloading, the player ejects the magazine and inserts a fresh one back into the gun, then pulls back the charging bolt.

This weapon has Input Delay, meaning that the Mammoth gives delay to other Weapons with Output Delay when fired and quickly switched to. This weapon also has Output Delay meaning that whenever a Weapon with Input is fired and quickly switched to this, the Mammoth will have a short pull-out animation.



  • Use this to pick off enemies from long ranges with its scope.
  • Use this as how you would use the Digital Sunrise or any other sniper.
  • It is a great weapon for Three Category Spam due to its high capacity and high damage, but it is advised to pair this with weapons that doesn't give delays such as Headhunter Pistols or Laser Cycler.
  • Take advantage of the bleeding, if you have modules and this doesn't one shot, wait a few seconds for the bleeding to take effect and you should get your kill without wasting an extra bullet. However, be aware that another player could steal your kill while the bleeding runs through its course.
  • Take advantage of the high capacity as most of the time you don't need to reload while you can deal high amounts of damage.


  • Use a weapon that has the Blindness Blindness.png attribute to fog your enemy's vision.
  • Carry a high mobility weapon like the Double Cashback and move in a confusing pattern to decrease the chances that your enemy will hit you.
  • Use the Jetpack to attack users from above and give users a harder time hitting you.
  • Use the Reflector or Denied Gadget to get the upper hand.


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Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Have a fast fire rate primary in your load out to finish off your opponent faster than they can finish you off. This is because after the effect reworks, it takes longer for weapons with Burning, Bleeding, and Poison to deal the total damage. After you hit the opponent with this, use a quick firing Automatic Primary to finish them off such as the Treasurer, Gun Force PGX, Neutron Pulsator, Large-Caliber Machine Gun, and many more.



  • Initial Release


  • This sniper weapon is based from the fusion of the Accuracy International Arctic Warfare AW50 sniper rifle and Barrett M107A1 .50 BMG sniper rifle (due to the magazine design) with an army-green motif.
  • It is the 2nd highest capacity sniper, but only being beaten by the Sniper Exoskeleton.
  • The weapon looks like a mammoth. It has a bipod on the bottom, the legs resemble the tusks of a mammoth.
  • This weapon is similar to the Heavy Sniper Rifle's design.
  • The reloading sound is similar to the Heavy Sniper Rifle's reloading sound.
  • This is the first sniper rifle to slow the player down rather than speed them up.
  • This does the same exact damage as Laser Cat Rifle.
  • It is not possible to fit 16 large caliber rounds in this magazine due to its modest size.
  • It is the first sniper to have 40 mobility, making it have the slowest sniper mobility in the game.
  • This can be compared to the Heavy Sniper Rifle, as they both have a similar look.
  • It can kill with one shot which depends on your Modules & Wear
  • It is one of the few weapons that has a miniature sonic boom appear in its firing particle animation.
  • This and Sniper Exoskeleton are have faded bullet's color inspite of the wall-break WallBreak.png attribute. So it's hard to notice where the users are shooting from while they are targeting from opposite side of obstruction.

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