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This content is available in both Pixel Gun 3D and Pixel Gun World! If this is Pixel Gun 3D or Pixel Gun World content, its counterpart is described in another article!
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The Map Selection icon.

This article describes a Pixel Gun 3D content. If you are looking for the same content in Pixel Gun World, see Map Selection (PGW).

The Map Selection is a menu that can let you choose any mode and any map, introduced in the same update which introduced Multiplayer.

It got a major overhaul in the 18.0.0 update, where not only the interface has completely modified, but modes and maps are rotated for matchmaking purposes and the Super Lottery was merged into this menu with different chests (Small Chests, King Chests and Mega Chests). However, this change was reverted in the 18.1.0 in responses to the players frequently demanding for the previous menu to come back.



It is a green button which has, on the slight bottom, written "Go battle!" in white. There is a shield that is color blue on the left side and red on the right. It has silver edges with 6 placed screws: 3 screws are located at the top shield edge and 3 of them are located at the bottom shield edge. A tiny silver line separates the two colors (blue and red). A black assault rifle, which is the black re-skin of the Combat Rifle, is placed towards the shield and it is flipped to the left.



The Map Selection when opened (pre-18.0.0 and 18.1.0-present).

The Map Selection is a wide menu that displays modes on the left and the right. In the middle, there is a wide variety of maps, along with some of their information being their current popularity and their size. Over them, the mode rules are displayed. Sometimes, a tiny piece of info on the mode buttons appears for a double reward, a brawl, or both. Moreover, on the other side of the buttons, there are shields indicating the Battle Pass tasks. On the bottom, there are some buttons, usually used for going on servers or creating one. The Armory button can be found on the top-right corner.


The multiplayer selection between 18.0.0 and 18.0.2.

The entire screen had a blue background instead of a transparent background, with the Pixel Gun symbol frequently appearing in the background. The selection itself only had the mode selection on the left instead of both on the left and on the right. There was an indicator on the mode buttons if there was a king key available for earning or not.

The map selection appeared next to the mode selection and only came in one row instead of multiple rows and columns. The button for each map had its picture and its title on the top of it. The mode description was found below the maps, along with the progress of a certain Battle Pass task on the right. The top left corner indicated the time left for the next mode and group of maps to appear and the top right corner had a private button for private servers along with the Trophy Road progress in a certain mode.

On the top left corner of the entire screen was the overall Trophy Road progress, then on the top center was the name and description of this screen, then on the top right was the button that would lead to the Armory. On the bottom left corner of the entire screen was the button to the main menu, the bottom center was the Super Lottery progress, and on the bottom right corner was the main button for battling.



  • This counterpart of the Map Selection doesn't have a chatroom, while the PC counterpart does.
  • You need to click "Battle Now" in order to go to the Map Selection Menu screen.
  • It had multiple redesigns:
    • In the 8.0.0 update, the tab was completely redesigned in a way you could select modes and maps in one screen.
    • In the 11.0.0 update, instead of a slideshow type of selection, the map icons were placed like a grid. A random map button was also added, and it generally has a more modern-like and a cleaner interface.
    • In the 18.0.0 update, the interface completely changed, with the modes and maps being rotated and the Super Lottery being merged into this menu.
  • Sandbox maps have a separate map selection menu.
  • In the 6.0.0 update, Flag Capture replaced Boss Battle.
  • Most of the modes require a certain level in order to unlock.
  • If you are level 1, then you can only play in Heaven Garden, Nuclear City, Paradise Resort, and Pool Party in Team Fight.
  • In the 12.0.0 update, there was a bug that didn't display the player amount or the map size.
  • In the 11.0.0 update, a Random map button was added, which is used to choose a random map.
  • The local button is the button that appears in Team Fight and Deathmatch, only.
  • In the 12.2.0 update, the local button's color turned into light olive.
  • In the 12.2.0 update, the back button was redesigned.
  • In the 12.2.0 update, the Map Selection was slightly redesigned, so that some modes display on the right.
  • Before, the names of the maps are formatted in all upper-case instead of the regular capitalizing used now.

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