The Martian Colony is a Base introduced in the 12.0.0 update. It is also a base in the Clan Fort, under the name Object X.


It appears to be a large space base with a highly-technological tunnel and a room covered with glass. The top base is highly-technological. There is also a balcony, and a top floor. There is also an enemy, which doesn't attack: It is the Robot Drone.



It is used to tremendously increase the chance of ignored damage.


It replaces the original Fort with the martian colony.


Spatial themed.


  • It looks like the full upgrade of the Space Base and the successor of the Spaceport.
  • This base has a windmill, but it doesn't appear in the base's image that is in the Craft Items Menu.
  • For unknown reasons, bases like the Martian Colony cannot be removed.
  • Out of all the bases that tremendously increase the chance of ignored damage, this once has the highest-quantity requirements, the cost being 3.6K Gem.png, the building time being 6 days and the level requirement being 62.
    • However, out of all of the mentioned bases, the Spaceport has the highest reward, being 750 Exp icon.png.
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