Not to be confused with a similar weapon in Pixel Gun World, the Silver's Musket.

The Masterpiece Musket is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 12.2.0 update.


It is a large, yellow musket with a scope and a cylinder. It combines the properties of a shotgun and a sniper, making it able to shoot multiple bullets at once in long range like a shotgun, except with a lower spread than most shotguns. It has a slightly low fire rate, an average capacity of 6 and a low mobility of 50. It has the Sniper and Shotgun attributes.


The features a wooden body, with a steel lock and barrel, accompanied by golden accents on the body, butt, barrel rod, and muzzle. It also features a silver/golden 4x scope mounted on top and drum magazine underneath the lock mechanism.



  • Aim at the head to maximize the weapon's damage.
  • This can pick the heavily armored players with ease.
  • Due to the slow fire rate and ammo capacity, try ducking in and out of cover and stay in cover while reloading.
  • This can be used to counter the melee users with ease.
    • This is also useful against Anti-Hero Rifle and Prototype users only in close-medium range (due to it being a shotgun).
    • This is especially useful for engaging other snipers in the barns of Sniper Forts.
  • It is a ranged shotgun, but it is not as effective as a laser weapon at range.
  • It is not suggested to spam this weapon in triple cat spams.


  • Pickoff its users from long ranges.
  • Area damage can make short work on its users.
  • Attack the user while they are reloading.
  • Avoid the user at close ranges or within tight spaces.
  • Ambush the user from behind with a high-damage weapon in order to take them out before they can react.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Equip a powerful close-ranged weapon, like the "Bastion".


A musket with a scope and a cylinder. The moment when a combination of new technologies and old traditions are working perfectly fine!

—Weapon's description in the Gallery


  • Without its attachments, it is somewhat based on the Blunderbuss, rather than a musket, which in real life, has the ability to fire shotgun shells and other high caliber ammo.
  • This weapon might be the shotgun version of the "Sunrise"
  • Aside from Mega Destroyer, this is the only shotgun-based weapon to be scoped.
  • In real life, it is VERY impractical to use the 10X scope on the shotgun, due to its massive bullet spread, hence being a shotgun.
    • However, as of 16.0, this weapon has a very low bullet spread even when unscoped; however, the bullets cannot hit beyond a certain distance.
  • This is obtainable from the Event Chest. The same goes along the Law Enforcer, Blade of Justice, Executioner, Celebrational Bazooka, Serious Argument, and the Tactical Tomahawk.
  • This is the only Sniper weapon that is a Shotgun.
  • This weapon was removed due to players complaining its overpowered efficiency per shot.
    • Since the 15.5.0 update, it was added back into the Super Lottery.
    • in 16.0.0, it can one shot in medium long range.
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