The Medkit is a Tools Gadget introduced in the 11.1.0 update.


It is a white case with red edges, a metal handle, and a red cross symbol on the center of both sides of the case.


It instantly heals you (only health points) and your current pet. The healing increases with every upgrade.



  • Use it when you (and/or your pet) have low health.
  • This operates very similarly to collecting a health pickup.(but instant)
  • Do not use it when you only lose armor points, as it only gains HP as its attribute icon suggests.
  • Use this in Duels to refill your health in a battle.


  • Always use efficient weapons, since you may never know who will use the Medkit.
  • Deal massive damage to those who have used the Medkit to counter the health they just recovered.
  • Use the Disabler to prevent them from healing.
  • Use a weapon with the Lifesteal attribute to counter this gadget.
  • Use shotguns or Heavy or high damaging weapons to instantly kill them so they won't have time to use the Medkit.


Stats Cooldown
Initial Tier 30 Seconds
Tier 1 29 Seconds
Tier 2 28 Seconds
Tier 3 27 Seconds
Tier 4 26 Seconds
Tier 5 25 Seconds
Tier 6 24 Seconds
Tier 7 23 Seconds
Tier 8 22 Seconds
Tier 9 21 Seconds
Tier 10 20 Seconds
Tier 11 19 Seconds
Final Tier 18 Seconds



  • Intintial release.


It was added to battle royal along with many other gadgets.


  • While in the Armory, if you tap the Medkit's icon if you don't already have it equipped, a little special scene will play with the player as they hold the Medkit such as throwing and tossing it around.
  • They will cycle between opening the Medkit, followed by shutting it, shaking it violently, and spinning it around in their hands.
  • A similar version of this gadget can be found in Battle Royale.
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