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Megalopolis is the 4th level in the Crossed Worlds campaign.



The Megapolis map is identical to the Parkour City multiplayer map. It has two very tall buildings one with scaffolding going down it and helipad and helicopter on top, the other being having a tall spire with an antenna on top. Around these are several smaller towers with planks that allow you to travel from building to building.




After Newbie and the Female Survivor escape the Space Station by using a UFO, they come back to Earth. When they land, the local military sees the UFO and mistakes the occupants as actual aliens, and try to kill them. This leaves Newbie with the task of killing them before they're able to eliminate him first.

Hidden Coin and Gem

The coin is located on a building with the cement mixer.

The gem is located at the very bottom landing of the fire escape of the building directing in front of you upon spawning.


Make sure you watch for enemies who manage to get up to the skyscraper. The most efficient way to beat this level is to rocket jump or fly on top of the helicopter and snipe out the enemies before they get up. You can actually use a primary weapon with a scope because it usually takes 1-3 shots to the head (with a primary weapon) to kill them. Watch for the rocket soldiers who will start shooting at you from below. The boss takes a while to get up to the top of the skyscraper, use this to your advantage and finish him slowly while he makes his way up. Avoid being hit by the enemies' hitscan weapons to achieve a 3-star rating at this level. Don't forget to dispatch enemies as fast as possible. One way of achieving this perfect rating is to kill enemies with one-shot weapons so they don't have time to return fire.


  • This is the first level where you have to kill human beings instead of monsters.
  • Its multiplayer map counterpart is Parkour City, which looks exactly the same.
  • This is the first level where enemies have hitscan weapons. This makes their attacks unavoidable
  • Strangely, when one of the soldiers uses the Secret Forces Rifle, the Desert Eagle firing sound plays instead. This was probably implemented to alert the player of the soldier's presence.
  • The Pixel Gun Company has released this map's counterpart, Destroyed Megalopolis.

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