Melee Switch is a form of Three Category Spam that involves switching between melee weapons and normal Three Category Spam weapons. It is used by primarily by very good players that want to recreate the feeling of the pre-patched Three Category Spam

Melee switch

The most common method is to shoot your sniper, then click melee and quickly switch to backup, shoot your backup, then click your special, shoot it, switch to your melee then quickly switch to sniper, then repeat.

Some weapons that work well with Melee Switch include:

  • Unsuprisingly, as long as it is a melee, it will work just fine regardless of mobility, attack power, However for best results try to use a small melees that don't cover the screen like Tactical KnifeDiablo, or Heroic Epee(for healing). 
    • WARNING: refrain from using weapons with a fixed delay like the Candy Axe, but some like Cthulu Legacy work.
    • While melee is the best option for this strategy do note you don't actually need melees for do it! If you have a no delay weapon like Necklace of the Ice King or Circus Cannon you can do it with ease. even primaries like the Best Friend will still allow you to do this strategy.  In some cases you don't even need non-delay weapons because of the Delay Mechanics. Make sure to expirement and find the (Weapon Category) switch that's right for you
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