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The Mine Raid, often abbreviated as mines, is a type of Clan Zone territory that performs as a Clan Raid.



A Mine Raid is a Clan Zone that is captured by doing at least 2 raids of similar style of Clan Raids (stacks up depending on how much times it has been captured). Unlike Clan Raids, the Mine Raid is available at any time. In this raid, a person gets more valor for controlling this zone compared to other zones. When a new clan raid has started (or if it hasn't been captured by any clan), the raid will be similar to a monster siege. Once it has been captured, it will become a clan-raid like siege.

Unlike Clan raids, The Mine Raid's Defenses are the Clan's Defenses with the power turned up.

Upon capturing a Mine Raid zone, the Capturing Clan obtains 1500 Clan Valor Points (Later reduced to 150), making these zones very valuable. When income is ready be collected, each Mine Raid zone captured by your clan adds an extra 10 Clan Valor Points and 10 Silver.


Attacking the Zone

  • Make sure you take more caution in this zone, as all of the buildings are extremely harder than the clan raid.
  • Because these zones are very valuable, a good strategy would be to capture these zones first.
  • Use the Eraser as a way to trap monsters.

Defending the Zone

  • Just like the Clan Raids, make sure that your buildings and fort power are high level to keep away attackers.
  • Additionally, if all else fails, one can just recapture the zone.
  • It is recommended to surround the mine, so the enemy has to do more work when attempting to recapture.



Initial release.


A bug of clan members being able to fight their own fort was fixed.

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