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This pistol is a living being from the Carax planet. It becomes loyal to the person who was the first to take it.

—Weapon's description in Gallery

The Monster Blaster is a Backup weapon added in the 13.5.0 update.


It is a monster-themed pistol that shoots an orange particle that deals area damage. It deals high damage, decent rate of fire, low capacity, and high mobility. When maxed out, this weapon is capable of killing opponents in 3 - 4 shots.


It is a re-skinned version of Dead Star. It has grey scales on the top, a maroon color scheme, a large eye in the place of the original pistol's crystal, the top spikes and a brown grip with three yellow lines on each side.


This weapon shoots an orange particle with instant bullet travel time accompanied with area damage. The combination of both properties allows it to have a hitscan and have the ability to fight in long range.

When reloading, the orange eye in the middle of the weapon is taken out from this weapon and is replaced by another one. It has no delay mechanics.



  • Like the Dead Star, it has area damage. Therefore, one should use it against groups of enemies.
  • Shoot the adjacent ground to the target to take advantage of its area damage.
  • Use it to finish off weakened enemies.
  • It has instant travel time for its projectiles and spontaneous blasts on the target, one doesn't need to calculate the travel time of the projectile with this weapon.
  • Be careful with Rocket Jumping with this weapon, as you can take lots of self-damage and/or fall off the map.
  • You can try to pair this weapon with the Jetpack gadget to rain death from above as enemies are instantly hit at the pull of the trigger.


  • Pickoff its users from a longer range with a Sniper, preferably one with wall-break such as the Laser Crossbow.
  • Do not walk into the bullets, as the blast radius is quite large and lasts for a good duration.
  • Be aware that this weapon can still prove to be highly effective in long ranges due to its area damage and instant travel time.

Recommended Maps

Any close to medium-ranged maps, such as Pool Party.

Equipment Setups

Bring powerful alternatives for each weapon section (Ex. Primary, Special) to match your playstyle.



  • Initial release


  • This weapon got removed from the Armory


  • This and the Demon Sword have the same color scheme.
  • The trigger of this weapon is the same size and shape and size as the trigger on the Judge.


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