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Monster Hunting is a minigame introduced in the 18.2.2 update.


5 players are split between 4 survivors and 1 randomly chosen monster, each with their own objective to win.


The goal of the survivors is to eliminate the monster within the time limit. Players use their current loadout without their gadgets or pets, but they spawn with no ammo for their weapons except for their Primary weapon. Because of this, survivors must scavenge for ammo pickups throughout the map. In addition, all players can see the monster through walls, and have unlimited respawns. Survivors spawn in special spawn rooms that are protected by one-way barriers to prevent the monster from spawn killing.

The Monster

The goal of the monster is to survive the full 2 minutes by killing the survivors. The monster is given a large goo mech armed with an arm cannon with high damage and a grappling hook device (similar to the Pocket Harpoon gadget). The monster spawns in the middle of the map.



As The Survivors

  • Teamwork is key to eliminate the monster, as attacking at the same time is more effective than attacking individually.
  • You can only use your primary when you spawn.
    • If possible, equip weapons with team-orientated boosts such as the Exquisite Bagpipes to increase the overall damage output of teammates.
      • It is also a risk, as the monster can easily see the weapon effect and locate where you are.
    • Make sure to split up to attack the monster at different angles, however, do not spread thin as a single survivor can easily be killed by the monster.
  • Though almost all weapons are useful, some weapons' main abilities are less useful in this mode:
    • The KilledTargetExplodes.png and CoinDropChance.png attributes are useless against the monster since it is a single target.
    • The HeadEnlargement.png, TurnsAnEnemyIntoABeetle.png and TurnsEnemyIntoASheep.png attributes do not work on the monster.
    • The X-RayVision.png and TargetMark.png attributes are useless since all survivors can see the monster through walls by default.
  • Try to memorize the layout of the map, especially where ammo pickups spawn.
  • Keep on moving and jumping to maintain distance from the monster.
  • Flank the monster from behind often to land multiple shots on the it before the monster can respond.
  • Collect up a decent amount of ammo before going out to fight.

As The Monster

  • The monster moves slower than the survivors, try to avoid chasing runaway survivors.
  • The monster's shots can kill a player instantly, so it may be easier to hold the fire button.
  • Use the grappling device to close the gap on survivors that are far away.
  • Do not try to hide as all survivors can see the monster through walls.
  • Keep on moving to reduce oncoming fire from the survivors.
  • It should be noted that the monster cannot pickup items such as dropped Gem.png or Coin.png.
  • Try picking off lone survivors.


  • It is the second asymmetrical game mode introduced in the game, the first being Escort.
  • Currently, weapon sets with a nuclear explosion ability can deal massive damage to the monster.
    • Pairing it with the Last Word attribute can result in dealing up to 70% of damage to the monster.
  • The goo arm looks similar to the Ouroboros with the same theme as the Goo set.
  • If you use transformation guns like the witch cauldron, it turns the monster into said transformation and then turns them back into a normal player with floating monster arms that do nothing. They also have all their weapons but can't damage you.