The Monster Siege is a feature in Clan War introduced in the 17.0.0 update.


The Monster Siege is basically an attack to the clan from the monsters. On occasion, monsters would try to steal the treasury of the clan, disallowing income of Clan Silver and Clan Valor Points from occupied territories, which is why this mode was made. The objective is to fight off the monsters with a required number of times to unlock the income collection.

If players fends off the monsters 5 times in total during a Clan War, they will win 5,000 clan valor points and 10,000 clan silver. Sometimes you only have to fend off the monsters once though, and the reward is 1,000 valor and a 1,000 silver.

The monsters that appear in it are: Red Demon Frog, Tortured Cop, Chainsaw Doctor, Triple Headed Zombie, Marksman Zombie, and many other monsters mostly from Raids.


  • You have 15 seconds to prepare. Equip good weapons in the meanwhile or just go near the spawn of the monsters.
  • Even if you have a mythical turret of artillery then don’t use it if it’s level is lower then another turret.Use turrets that have high levels by getting parts and level them up.
  • Use the wells that heal you and the pick-up boxes that have ammo and armor.
  • To stop monsters quicker, try using a pulling towards target weapon or a dash weapon like the vertical grip device or Percival and lamarok
  • Use something that slows down the monsters or deal as much effects as possible, such as the Freeze Ray Rifle or Trapper/Death Claws.
  • Flamethrowers can also be used to take down hordes of monsters, but don't get too close.
  • Make sure to have all 3 types elemental modules in your loadout per each weapon.
  • If alone, do not worry much about the monsters approaching nearby, since there are artillery, turrets, and traps that would help fend off against the monsters. For some reason, guardians don't appear to assist players.
  • Try your best to avoid death, especially alone, since you have to wait 10 seconds to respawn.
  • Use flamethrowers like the Cryogenic Atomizer to slow monsters down.


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