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The Moonblades is a Melee weapon introduced in the 22.4.0 update. It can be obtained from the Planet Parade Season Pixel Pass.


The Moonblades is a melee weapon that has the ability to dash. It deals high damage and has good mobility when not charging.


This melee weapon appears to be a pair of blades that are curved, referencing to the moon. The blades of the melee weapon seem to have layers, the 1st layer of colour which is closest to the player is the thickest and has the darkest shade of grey. The 3 other layers seem to decrease in thickness and also decrease in darkness. The handles of this weapon are mostly gold, and have purple.


When the attack button is held, there would be a bar below the crosshair that fills, as if using a charge shot weapon. The fuller the charge bar is, the more damage this weapon will deal. When this weapon is fully charged, upon releasing the attack button, the player will quickly dash (approximately 5 in-game steps) towards the direction they are looking, dealing damage to whoever the player collides with during the dash. The player will then have to re-charge to re-preform this dash. At ordinary grade, this weapon is approximately 2 shots, making it very powerful; Considering it's semi-fast charge time.


It is recommended that you use this weapon in tight hallways, giving you a higher chance of hitting people.


  • Only use this in cramped spaces so you can maximise your chance of hitting people.
  • In some occasions, travelling around the map with this weapon may prove useful
  • Use this weapon as a weakener, then quickly switch to another weapon to finish enemies off. Doing the opposite (using this weapon as a finisher instead) can also help you get more melee kills
  • It is advised you immediately charge when you see an enemy close by due to looking around being a difficulty when charging
  • Never ever charge when close to a place in a map that can damage/kill you, due to the possibility of eliminating yourself. Only do so if you are experienced


  • Safely take out the users of this weapon with a long-range weapon like a sniper.
  • When you hear the charging sound of this weapon, it is advised you stay away, due to this weapon having a generally quick charge time
  • Stay well away from these users
  • Keep in mind that this weapon has Dash so you should quickly finish these users off when you see someone with this weapon facing your direction
  • Use a powerful weapon that surpasses this weapon's charge time and eliminate them before they do. An example is Ultimatum
  • Jumping around or rocket jumping might prove useful, depending on the situation
  • If you lack the ability to try all these tactics, then use this weapon yourself.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Bring a fast firing primary to cover up for the charge time and a powerful/decent long range weapon like a sniper.



  • Initial release.


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