The Morgana is a Sniper weapon introduced in the 17.0.0 update. It is one of the 6 weapons in the Steel Division Clan Set.


It is a silver encrusted sniper that shoots an ivory-colored laser beam. It has insanely good damage, a slow fire rate, average capacity, and decent mobility. It uses a crystal/metal for ammo that it squishes while you use it; if it is a metal, it could be real gold. If it is a crystal, it would be unknown because crystals can't usually be squished flexibly.


It takes the appearance of a long-fantasy themed sniper rifle. It has a silver/yellow stock, a grey pistol grip, a yellow trigger, and a silver/yellow body. On the bottom of the weapon, it has an exposed yellow energy crystal that acts as the ammunition source for the weapon. It features a grey and yellow scope mounted on top and a long silver barrel with a yellow muzzle.


This weapon fires a visible ivory-colored laser beam with instant bullet travel time that will pass through every object, given that it has a wall break attribute. This beam can also disable jumps of an affected opponent for a few seconds. Moreover, this weapon possesses an 8x zoom optic sight that allows it to fight in a long-range.

When reloading, the player takes out the light yellow clip from the bottom and replaces it with another one. It has insanely high damage and is a one-shot to the body without modules or any damage increasing gear.

It outputs delay on some weapons that are associated with Three Category Spam like the Thunderer and the Reflector.



  • Aim for the head to maximize Efficiency per shot.
  • Use any Dash Weapon to get close to the target before firing for better accuracy.
  • Use the scope at long ranges. Its high magnification makes it useful for precise aiming at these distances.
  • Try strafing while aiming to prevent enemies from hitting you when engaged in a firefight.
  • If an enemy survives the shot, finish them off with a Primary or Backup weapon.
    • The weapon's ability to disable jumping helps with aiming for weakened targets.
  • Its Wall-Break attribute is useful for attacking enemies behind objects such as walls and behind cover.
    • Keep in mind that when shooting through a wall, its damage is reduced.
    • However, that will stop the enemies from jumping because of the Disable Jumps attribute
  • Avoid sticking to one sniping spot as users can track the weapon's lasers to its source.
  • If you are using this in Sniper Fort, make sure to pair this with the Cowboy Hat and max Sniper Cape to reduce reload time.
  • If your opponent survives a shot from this weapon, use the DisableJumps attribute as your advantage by quickly attacking an injured enemy with a high-damaging weapon like Proton Freezer, because he/she will be very vulnerable to your attacks.


  • If engaged in a sniper duel, take time to aim.
  • Area damage weapons and shotguns can quickly finish users off.
  • Strafe around the user while firing to avoid getting hit.
  • Fully automatic weapons can easily punish the sniper if the user missed their attempted shot on you.
  • Try to wait until the sniper reloads, then attack while he/she is vulnerable.
  • It fires a noticeable laser, so keep an eye out for the source of the laser as it may indicate the general area of where the user may be.
  • Grab a cover, as the sniper's Efficiency gets reduced dramatically if penetrates through the wall. The more solid object its projectile passes through, the more its projectile damage is reduced.
  • Flank around the user with a shotgun or melee weapon and attack them from behind.
  • Avoid being caught in the open when there is a sniper, stick to cover and locate the sniper then attempt to counter snipe him/her with your own.
  • Flamethrowers and shotguns can be useful for quickly killing snipers at close range.
  • Use the reflector gadget to prevent your self from taking full damage.

Recommended Maps

Equipment Setups

Carry a Primary or Backup weapon to finish off a weakened opponent.


  • Initial release.


  • The laser beam spread of this weapon is increased.


  • Unlike the weapons featured in the Steel Division Clan Set which were named after knights of the Round Table. The weapon is named Morgana le Fay; an enchantress in Arthurian legend.
  • Despite shooting a yellow-orange laser, the death effect shows the victim being disintegrated into blue dust.
  • This sniper has the same structure appears as the Call of Sirens with the attributes of the Royal Marriage Officiant, with the Area Damage and Charm effect. The zoom is replaced with the Morgana's Disable Jump ability, leaving the zoom attribute hidden.
  • Like all Clan weapons after the 17.00 Update, it has a unique crosshair.
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